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We don't want an AGGRESSOR in the Wizarding World

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Why should an agressor be part of a universe who helped so many victims?

'There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.' - Albus Dumbledore

About 20 years ago, we had the chance to enter a completely magical universe, where we could swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud. This universe has brought us joy, sadness, euphoria, nostalgia, and all other kinds of emotion. But in the last year, we faced a feeling we never expected to encounter: disappointment.

We, who see in Harry and his world a chance to take refuge from the terrible things that happen on the real world, got the news that John Christopher Depp II (aka Johnny Depp), accused of physically and psychologically assaulting his ex-wife, was cast as part of the new piece of this universe: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We know that Mr. Depp has been acquitted by the US courts, but we also know that most reports of domestic abuse are withdrawn after their victims are threatened or placed under stress or pressure. And we should not ignore it. We must not ignore the photos in which the victim appears with clear bruises that may have only arisen from an aggression. We cannot ignore the videos and the whole background of Mr. Depp. And we, who appreciate and endow the wizarding world of meaning, can never consent to it.

We recognise the difficulty of solving a problem like this. We recognize the existence of contracts and procedures that involve such action. We also recognise the integrity of the production team, cast, and above all, the Fantastic Beasts script. What we can not recognise is Mr. Depp's legitimacy in representing everything the wizarding world has taught us. Many of us turn to the wizarding world for a chance to forget and overcome traumas, situations of conflict, distress, anguish, and social problems, but how can we do so when the universe itself is being represented by an aggressor?

We first turn to J. K. Rowling, who built her universe under the aegis of love, friendship, and fellowship. Although she has consented to the hiring of the actor, we believe that her personality in no way matches what Depp represents, and we therefore ask for her interference. We also appeal to the other producers, reinforcing the idea that actions such as those practiced by Mr. Depp should not be tolerated and unfeasible in both Hollywood and in our lives. Finally, we turn to Warner Bros. Entertainment, hoping that they will recognize in the wizarding world a chance not only to make a profit, but also to fight for what is right, as Harry taught us.

In the hope that something will be done, and that we have a Gellert Grindelwald worthy of the honor of the wizarding world,

The Potterhead Fandom

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