ITV adhere to Equality act by ending its harassment of veganism

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ITV has allowed it's staff and content to discriminate, unfairly mock and incite hatred towards veganism. Through national broadcasts, online articles and it's staff's influential social media accounts.

The failure to provide fair, equal and diversely aware content is fueling the creation of a degrading, humiliating and offensive environment during and outside of broadcast.

By signing this petition you are asking that ITV not only acknowledge as a public provider of content the MORAL and ETHICAL consequences of it's content but to consider the Equality act, EU law and ask them to regulate their content so that it does not discriminate against (potentially) subsequently protected beliefs when creating content to be consumed by individuals.

This kind of public mockery quickly spills over to many parts of public life and has serious consequences to peoples mental and physical well being.

For instance Piers Morgan, one of the presenters on "Good Morning Britain" has been using his Twitter account and show to methodically and unacceptably insult and harass vegans such as referring to them as  " PC-crazed, gender-fluid obsessed, radical vegan/feminist snowflakes slowly wrecking the Planet ". Not only are these  completely unacceptable comments about gender and feminism this is only a small example from an extensive library of offensive and unfair discriminatory comments ITV's employee has made.

No broadcasting station should deem it acceptable to allow staff and shows to operate with such imprudent intolerance. Holding vegan beliefs should not subject you to an increased amount of slurs, discrimination or threats due to the actions of any staff or media associated with a broadcasting network that holds such an accessible and public influence. There is in my eyes and the eyes of those who sign a moral and ethical duty for this type of content to be regulated regardless even if it is a protected belief.

ITVs mission statement on ‘inclusivity programming’ claims to “accurately portray the diversity of modern society by the people on screen and the editorial content”. However the content ITV has been producing shows the polar opposite in regards to the beliefs held by vegans.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have given assurance that Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects veganism

It is also unlawful to discriminate against vegans, as protected beliefs are relevant characteristics in terms of the EU Equality Framework Directive (2000), which was incorporated into the UK through the Equality Act 2010.

ITV's own website highlighting Piers Morgan displaying raw meat to mock Vegans

ITV's own news claiming 1 in 3 Britons eating no or reduced meat (a claim Piers has denied believing on Twitter)