Ban Dog Auctions in Missouri

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Missouri is the #1 state for puppy mill production. For the sixth year in a row, Missouri has been ranked by the Humane Society of the United States as the worst offender in their annual Horrible Hundred report. Missouri has over 950 USDA licensed breeders and an estimated 500 unlicensed breeders, the majority operating as a puppy mill. Many are repeat offenders to the USDA for violations regarding deplorable living conditions, untreated medical issues, starvation, and more. At least 17 pet stores sell puppies that have been bought from an unethical breeder or at a Missouri dog auction. 

Missouri is home to the largest legal dog auction in the country, taking place in Wheaton, MO and a smaller but equally popular auction in Cabool, MO. On average, each facility will hold one auction per month. In a single day, hundreds of puppies and adult dogs will be sold for as little as $1 to $10,000 a piece. Combined, over 20,000 dogs are sold to various individuals, other breeders and pet stores all over the country from Missouri dog auctions. These dogs often harbor untreated medical issues, illness, and severe anxiety - putting human health at risk and often causing the unknowing consumer thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.  

Battling the puppy mill epidemic in Missouri will be a long-term struggle. We can begin by spreading education and awareness in our communities, and reaching out to our legislators to take responsibility. Our organization is asking Missouri lawmakers to strictly regulate state dog auctions or ban them outright. 

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