Demand Justice for More Than 600 Animals Missing from EARTH Sanctuary

Demand Justice for More Than 600 Animals Missing from EARTH Sanctuary

July 3, 2019
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Iroquois County State's Attorney James Devine and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chicago Alliance for Animals (CAA)

On June 23, 2019, a former board member of EARTH Animal Sanctuary discovered nothing short of a horror story.  What used to be a peaceful, final resting place for animals who’d passed on, is now a ghastly ditch littered with hundreds of animals in various states of decomposition, rotting in plastic bags and a mound of bones and skulls overlapping one life with another, carelessly tossed away like garbage.

Corinne DiLorenzo, Founder of EARTH Animal Sanctuary had been “rescuing” animals for only five years. She’d taken farm pigs, pot bellied pigs, goats, cats, dogs, hens, raccoons and many other species of animals into her sanctuary. Most in Chicagoland’s animal rescue and advocacy community put their full trust and support in Cori Dee, as she was known on Facebook. EARTH formed in May 2014, so most of these animals should have had a long life ahead of them, but there are none left at EARTH and almost every animal sanctuary/rescue in the midwest has confirmed that they had not taken animals from her.

A fire killed 40 animals and destroyed most of EARTH on September 2, 2018. Surprisingly though, DiLorenzo never reached out to any of her animal rescue/protection friends. Many who surrendered animals to her over the last few years have contacted her and inquired about the animals, but she has ignored almost everyone. It wasn’t until a Go Fund Me page, created by one of her AFLAC colleagues, was discovered in January that the animal community started to question what was going on and why so many animals have disappeared.

Another disturbing fact is that DiLorenzo told conflicting stories about the night of the fire. In an update that she posted on the Go Fund Me page, she claimed that she and her son were sound asleep just feet from where the fire was blazing. However, in a text exchange with a woman who’d worked for the Cook County Sheriff’s office, she stated that she returned home after two of the fires had already destroyed two of her barns. These contradicting stories are a huge red flag.

The Go Fund Me page was removed and many disturbing stories have emerged about this con artist and her past. She was involved with a fire at Wedrose Acres Animal Sanctuary, where she was living and where multiple animals lost their lives in the fire. DiLorenzo had also bragged about burning down a rabbit breeders barn.

In addition, evidence of charity fraud has been sent to the Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Bureau as DiLorenzo took donations in Earth’s name long after Earth was involuntarily dissolved on 10/14/16. Deputy Bureau Chief Barry Goldberg has confirmed there is an active investigation looking into this.

Another twist to this story is the mounting evidence of child abuse. Exchanges between DiLorenzo and her son tell a very sad tale of how she forced her son, at a very young age, to feed and care for hundreds of animals, as well as bury them, while she was at work or away on trips.

From the former board member after visiting the EARTH property on 6/30/19:

"There are still more animals to be uncovered. Upon leaving the site, we could see that there were still layers of bags that we had not yet gotten to."

Please sign this petition and urge Iroquois County State’s Attorney James Devine to issue a warrant for DiLorenzo’s arrest on charges of animal cruelty, animal neglect, charity fraud and possibly illegal disposal of animals.

To see photos, reports and more info. regarding this disturbing situation, please click here:

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Signatures: 13,498Next Goal: 15,000
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  • James DevineIroquois County State's Attorney
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  • Brenna HildenbrandMayor of Thawville, IL