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Fire Iron River, MI City Manager David Thayer & Reinstate Police Chief Laura Frizzo Now

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12/19/16 - Did you know Laura Frizzo was the first woman Police Chief in upper Michigan? (READ THIS BLOG)


What can you do to help this situation? At this point, all those who can attend the 6pm Wed meeting should... Voice your opinion, speak your mind and support Chief Frizzo. This is what you should do.



12/16/16 (BLOG POST) Read & Share!

(UPDATE) Close 700 signatures! Here is a story/video posted by WJMN Local 3 from upper Michigan that really details the past of David Thayer. How he was ever hired in the first place should be questioned by citizens who live there. - "Prior to his move to the U.P., David Thayer was fired as City Manager in Grayling after he was arrested and charged with 24 counts of social security act violations according to multiple reports.

The charges stemmed from an incident when Thayer disseminated the social security numbers of 24 private citizens."
12/12/16 (UPDATE) PRESS RELEASE BY POLICH LAW FIRM - RE: SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST IRON RIVER, MICHIGAN CITY MANAGER DAVID THAYER FOR FIRING POLICE CHIEF! >> (UPDATE) Iron River City Manager David Thayer FIRED Chief Frizzo who cited "irreconcilable differences" for his reasoning to fire her. This petition has been changes to reflect.
On September 20, 2016 Chief Frizzo requested personal days off of work, following her preparation and preliminary exam testimony in the Kelly Cochran murder trial.
The city manager, David Thayer responded that she was to be at work unless she provided him with a doctor's excuse. She provided the requested excuse.
On September 23, she advised the city manager that she was able to return to work on September 28. He responded by setting a meeting with her for October 4 and required a return to work doctor's report. At that meeting, Thayer did not allow the chief to return to work, even though she provided the requested doctor's report, which allowed her to resume her full duties as police chief. The city manager further advised Frizzo that he wanted a second doctor's opinion and was going to schedule her for a doctor's examination to obtain said second opinion.
During a city council meeting on Nov 9, 2016 it was learned that the city manager has entered a secured evidence room (only Police Chief Frizzo had access to it) at the police station, possibly hindering the investigation and trial in the process. Also during this meeting it was learned Chief Frizzo did in fact get that 2nd doctors opinion to which the City Manager apparently refused to accept.
This action by the current Iron River City Manager could get this murder trial tossed out for lack of proper procedures with the chain of evidence. I believe City Manager David Thayer should immediately reinstate Police Chief Frizzo to her duties and allow her to prepare for this murder trial.

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