Open Investigation into gangstalking

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I pray you can help me regarding the situation , I have been experiencing for many years. involving extreme and horrendous criminality being conducted with involvement in part by the Canadian government, as well as other agencies working in unison with Canada. Many laws of our nation that are supposed to serve to protect civil rights are being infringed upon in my life, including the use of slandering , character defamation , false witness against me, harassment , threat , intimidation , stalking and covert surveillance.

This case arises from illegal harassment, dangerous government program, and psychological warfare conducted against myself by Toronto police (police officers, detectives, and informants, Canadian security intelligence service (CSIS) agents, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and federal agents in Toronto, Ontario. I was illegally targeted and harassed without probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime for four years which continues till this day. during that period, i am/was subjected to intrusive and humiliating destructive activities by CSIS , Toronto Police, RCMP agents and Canadian Military Intelligence. This network of vigilante groups are using intelligence devices for harassment purposes to disrupt my life, computer activities, and continue to change and delete my computer history , facebook posts and blogs and subject me psychological warfare. This network of vigilante groups have/has also used the legal system and process for harassment purposes to disrupt and block me from living a peaceful life.

I , further believe this network of vigilantes are unlawfully using the national agency spying program against me for hidden political reasons. The actions of these vigilante groups have violated and continue to violate my rights under the Canadian charter of rights and freedom on a daily basis. Also, the Canadian government is liable for actions undertaken by federal agents and military personnel all acting within the scope of their employment. This network of vigilante groups/individual have violated my rights under the constitution and laws of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms while they acted under color of law and/or have oppressed, threatened, harassed, stalked , intimidated , slandered , libelled me in exercising and enjoying, my rights and privileges secured to me by the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. this network of vigilante groups institute, authorize, tolerate, ratify permit and acquiesce in policies, practices and customs of interrogations without probable cause, harassment without reasonable, articulable suspicion of crime, in their provision of government, law enforcement services as the acts were done with deliberate indifference, knowingly in violation of my legal and constitutional rights, without good faith, and have directly and proximately caused me humiliation, physical injuries, mental pain and suffering, gross negligence, reckless and/or callous indifference to the rights and safety of self . All of the above statements constitute a serious miscarriage of justice.

Thus far , i have been a government target individual for at least four years and has suffered blocked and delayed contributions, blocked and delayed legal fund, delayed profits, interference with prospective economic advantage/business advantage, defamation-false and misleading statements about myself, malicious prosecution , injury to the value and reputation as a person, all malicious interference with a business to the extent of foreseeable consequences which constitutes irreparable injury for which there is no immediate adequate remedy at law based on the obstruction of justice across the board. as a Canadian citizen, i ,Abby Mcgray ,have been unlawfully and illegally subjected to torture, attempted frame up's, death threats, attempted murder, stalking, intimidation , several unlawful stops , theft of evidence, damage to private property, theft of private property, unlawful deletion of blogs, illegal tampering of blogs, unlawful interference with the internet, falsification of medical records, falsification of police reports, blocked police reports, stealing legal and personal mail, invasion of privacy, daily harassment, psychological warfare, casting me in a false light, malicious attempt to portray me as crazy, violent and/or have me committed after destroying my life and a long train of criminal civil rights violations and obstruction of justice for several years.

These continual hate crimes against me have occurred seemingly randomly inside shopping malls, grocery stores, in the streets, and also within my community. Other people with similar stories to me report it even happens to them inside places of worship. In later years criminality through what is supposed to be laws of protection has become more technologically advanced and easier to conceal to a public still mostly unaware of cases such as this.

People who learned about me through this law imposed against me are now highly suspicious of me and mistrustful ,when I have caused no harm against anyone nor have had any plan to cause harm.

I have suffered tremendously to the point that I do not know what the total financial cost in pain and suffering has been in my life. My personal story would be terrifying and bewildering to an audience unaware that I have had this law enforced on me as a person who has never committed a crime. There are many others in Canada experiencing this same injustice.

Citizens of the world deserve laws of protection that apply in every case, not selectively enforced. I have sought justice in my personal case but to no avail currently. I have not only experienced surveillance but tampering of my personal information as well as having communication directed to people I did not wish it directed upon. I’ve been blocked from contacting representatives who would support my case .Being a victim of covert harassment has denied me the right to fully pursue my education, my career, and as stated earlier has ruined my quality of life.

I ask you kindly to please investigate or help direct me to a person who could help alleviate this situation I have been in to this day. As a fellow citizen of Canada, it is the duty of everyone to alert each other to crimes being committed of any nature and to report those cases when we are made aware that a crime is truly being committed. We have no freedom as citizens of Canada when criminality is ignored and the laws of our nation are not enforced. If you could help me in my particular case, please write back or help me find out, who i should contact that would be able to offer help and justice. Thank you for your time in reading this petition.