Investigate secret Military-Industrial subversion program perpetuating War on Terror

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Ever wonder why the War on Terror never ends? A secret and illegal program called Operation 'Covert Internet' holds answers that are so shocking, they may be hard to believe, until you look at their own classified documents. (Watch video above.) For over 15 years, its objectives have included dividing the human race along religious, ethnic, social and economic lines- as part of a long range, global subversion strategy; whose interconnected operations have been captured in award-winning documentaries like 'Dark Money' (, books like 'Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice' ( the disclosures of major whistleblowers, investigations and the news media... but due to the scale and deception of this campaign, people have failed to grasp its objectives.

Now, thanks to a number of whistleblowers and high-level inside source, we've been able to construct a Working Model of this campaign. 

This stunning new evidence exposes the Military-Industrial Complex's physical infiltration of our militaries, intelligence agencies, institutions and news media with teams of operatives, who secretly manipulate their objectives; to keep us trapped in a state of perpetual war, from which the Military-Industrial Complex and the central banks can profit, while in parallel, systematically corrupting our political offices and courts with an endless flow of untraceable 'Dark Money', and the subversion of politicians they can't control.  

As their own classified documents identify, these teams of Military-Industrial operatives secretly carry out operations- including planting and fabricating evidence- as part of long term campaigns to psychologically manipulate political leaders, the troops and the public, with false stories (like Islamophobia); to manipulate us to hate each other, so they can generate enormous sums of money from false conflicts. 

Here's a related article from the news media that captures the penetration of US Central Command:

Since 9/11, the endless War on Terror has led to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, while the Military-Industrial Complex and central bankers have bilked taxpayers for trillions of dollars... And this illegal program is being used to keep us at war... which is why we need your help to sound the alarm. 

Up til now, the people and organizations whom this evidence exposes, have been powerful enough to block investigations into their crimes... Which is why we need to join together, to demand change and protect those incapable of protecting themselves. Please join us in demanding the media, government Oversight officials and the International Criminal Court investigate this new evidence, by signing this petition and by sharing on social media. 


In 2014, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote a must-read article about Operation 'Covert Internet' ( . However, he thought its Infiltration Operations occurred only through the Internet. In reality, this program is being used to physically infiltrate and manipulate public and private organizations of all kinds. If the media knew this truth, this story would make major headlines. 

Imagine your company being infiltrated by a team of operatives whose goal was to disrupt your operations, crash your stock, generate complaints, defraud the business, get managers fired and replace them with operatives the Military-Industrial Complex controls, steal the firm's intellectual properties, etc... those are the types of routine operations we are talking about. And they are executing them on a large scale, to manipulate markets, keep us at war, etc.. 

Another one of Operation Covert Internet's core competencies is to rig/ manipulate online polls. This has been extensively reported on in the media. (Here is another article by Greenwald about this manipulation: )

How are they recruiting their operatives? Among other things, by infiltrating our intelligence agencies and Justice Departments and repurposing our informant infrastructure, they are able to use false cases, bribery, blackmail and other forms of coercion, which citizens perceive as authentic criminal cases, informer payments, plea deals, or other legal inducements, thus allowing them to concealing their racketeering schemes in broad daylight. 

Please join us in demanding an end to these illegal practices by signing the petition and sharing on social media. 

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