Introduce Tyler's And Jordan's Law - we need tougher sentences for knife crime

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My son Tyler Thompson was killed in a stabbing in November 2015. Still to this day I can’t believe he is gone. 

The teenager who admitted to killing my son had been caught carrying a knife before. All he received back then was a caution. He has now been sentenced to 9 years for Tyler’s murder; of which he will serve only half.  

I know my son would still be alive right now if the teenager that killed him had been given a stronger punishment  the first time he was caught in possession of a knife.

That’s why I am calling for stronger sentencing for knife crimes - to stop other young lives being robbed.

When Tyler’s killer was sentenced, the judge responsible said: "This case illustrates graphically the danger posed by young men carrying knives on the street”.

Latest statistics show that repeat offenders are escaping prison sentences and those convicted of murder or manslaughter are receiving low and inconsistent sentences - a caution is not enough.

This must stop. NOW.  Knife crime is not just a problem in Leicester. And it’s not just a problem in London. This is a NATIONAL CRISIS.

I have set up this petition with a good friend of the family Kerry Norton. Members of our community, along with my local Councillor Teresa Aldred and local MP Keith Vaz are also working with me on this campaign to change the law, but we need your help to make change happen.

A bill has been presented to Parliament that would introduce tougher sentences for people involved in knife crimes but now the election is underway all progress could be lost. We need to stand together, make noise and tell politicians no matter who is elected, they need to be tougher on knife crime.


We need to urge our leaders to act now and introduce a law that would:

  • increase the minimum custodial sentence on conviction for possession of a knife or other offensive weapon for an offender aged 18 years or over
  • to increase the minimum period of a detention and training order for a person aged 16 or 17;
  • to set a minimum custodial sentence on conviction for an offender in possession of a knife or other weapon and intending to commit any offence or having such a weapon available to use in committing murder; and for connected purposes.