Our Forests Must be Saved from Big Businesses Causing Deforestation

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       Every year 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down globally. That's around 35 to 70 billion each decade. There are many different culprits causing these astonishing numbers, one is wildfires. Wildfires account for approximately 20 percent of the trees destroyed. The other 80 percent of deforestation each year is caused by companies. From timber harvesting to road expansion, businesses are killing billions of trees each year and they need to be stopped, or greatly reduced. This must to happen because deforestation is causing issues such as: global warming, species extinction, harming the water cycle, and soil erosion.

        Deforestation has already greatly impacted the earth in the past few decades alone. To begin, 21 species have already gone extinct across the world due to habitat loss. Many more continue to be placed on the endangered list every year. Not only that, but 20 percent of the Amazon Rain forest has already been destroyed by companies, and more of it continues to be every day. At that rate the Amazon will be completely gone by the end of the century, along with thousands of other forests across the earth. With this information, society needs to be aware that deforestation is a real problem that big businesses are causing. 


       There are many organizations across the world working to stop deforestation such as: National Geographic, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and Amazon Watch. They are educating people and showing proof of how deforestation is harming the earth and how any person can help prevent it. Furthermore, there are many other organizations whose only goal is to prevent deforestation. They coordinate volunteer efforts to replenish devastated areas and stop businesses from destroying more forests.


       As mentioned earlier, each year 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down globally, if that rate continues, nearly all major forests across the world will be completely gone. If this happens, hundreds of species will be extinct and hundreds more will be placed on the endangered list, without habitats. Not only this, but without trees, global warming is inevitable. Trees are valuable because they block the sun out, preventing droughts and holding moisture in soil. Also, without protection from the sun, the temperature on the planet will rapidly increase. In addition, rain forests alone provide food, medicines, and income for about 300 million people. Furthermore, trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. More than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rainforest. The world and large companies need to be aware of these statistics and how the world will change without trees.


       The majority of scenic areas across the world contain trees, without these beautiful views, the world would be a bland shade of grey. Living in a boring, bland world would take a major toll on nearly everyone, causing depression and possibly increase the suicide rate. Without trees, there would not be enough materials to make the majority of products needed across the world. Without lumber, the building of residential structures would be greatly impacted, causing affordability to decrease. This also creates a lack of food for humans. With a steadily growing population this will be a major issue. All of these problems will become a reality if companies causing deforestation are not limited or stopped all together. 


       There are many things that any person can do to reduce the destruction of forests, and/or help with the re-plantation of forests. Planting a tree, recycling, and volunteering are just three things anyone can do to help contribute to preventing deforestation. The other is to sign this petition and help prevent big businesses from causing 80 percent of deforestation. If society chooses not to help this cause, the world may change drastically and forever suffer. Therefore, I ask you again to sign this petition today to stop companies from destroying our forests and protecting our planet for the future. Thank you.





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