Bertelsmann CEO, stop Stern's slanders against a colored mother and her child Jonatan

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Dear Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe,
You are a devout Catholic, so we ask you to stop your Stern magazine's repetitious slanders against a colored mother from Indonesia and her child Jonatan and to give your global media audience the right information.

Instead of publishing news that injure mankind, we ask you to reunite Jonatan with his beloved mother Alex Tjoa. 


"We must fight corruption with determination. It is an evil based on the worship of money and it offends human dignity.
Let us work together to ensure that children continue to smile: their faces serene, filled with joy and hope."
— Pope Francis‏


Stern, Germany, March 31, 2016,
"The courts ruled that the mother and her son were not allowed to see each other. Never again. In the interest of the boy.
Die Gerichte entschieden, dass die Mutter ihren Sohn nicht mehr sehen durfte. Nie wieder. Im Interesse des Jungen.
Pengadilan menyatakan bahwa ibu dan anak tidak boleh bertemu. Tidak pernah lagi boleh bertemu demi kepentingan sang anak."


November 28, 2014

“Before the interaction, Jonatan must be prepared to meet her mother, among other things by getting some letters and photographs that his mother sent him as well Christmas presents. The parties'objective is that by using the Family Court will try to arrange the first meeting between them, Jonatan and Family Court before Christmas so that Alexandra Tjoa should be able to hand over the presents. If it is not possible for the Family Court, the Christmas presents [since 2009] should be handed over from Alexandra Tjoa to Jonas Jonasson.”

In 2011, Jonatan's mother created a human rights petition at ( informing the Swedish prime minister about the Swedish government abuse of power. This petition was described by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson and his global media cohorts as stalking without ever mentioning the word "petition" at all to slander and destroy Jonatan's mother's reputation and livelihood and to mislead the public's perception worldwide.