Horrors of Wildlife Trade

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The wildlife trade, it’s a real big problem. Especially in the 3rd world countries, due to they’re natural habitats is shared with animal hunting is a regular way of making money.

Did you know, elephants are estimated to be extinct in the year 2028. And between 2,500 tigers exist, more of them are held captive in, mostly in United States. Yes, its all because of illegal wildlife trading. Elephants are poached for their ivory, which can worth a lot by making it as a decoration or making it into tools. With an species that’s playing a big role in the biome food web, the ecosystem can go unstable, risking other species in the biome goes extinct For example, if tigers

Many people in Indonesia are doing illegal trading and some of the animals are near extinction like Mahakam dolphins, Javanese rhinos, Sumatran tigers, etc. they are near extinction because of illegal trading habits such as poaching and hunting. Now we need to stop illegal trading cause if we don’t do it animals will get extinct and the food chain in their ecosystem because one category of the animals are gone, for example: A food chain has grass-dear-tiger-mushroom if tigers are extinct then

How do we solve these environmental issues? These problems are what’s causing damage to the environment and ecosystem. We want more people to understand why wildlife trade is not right and how the actual damage can affect the ecosystem and people’s life. By making more people understand, we will ask their support and participation to stop wildlife trade. After raising awareness through video, we would like to start an online petition about this issue and show everybody that a lot of people care

All for our environment, for our nature, and for the health of the life in it. Help us stop illegal wildlife trading and protect the animals. Help us stop illegal wildlife trading and protect the animals.