Save the Local Fruits that are Starting to Extinct

Save the Local Fruits that are Starting to Extinct

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Written by Christhopher Wilson

Do you know that there are some exotic fruits that come from Indonesia, and even their names are named by Indonesian, for example: Durian, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Mangosteen, etc. But we harvest too much of the fruit, and the fruit, sometimes it doesn't mean that consumers buy the same amount that was harvested. So the fruit that is left is sometimes wasted because it is rotten. The target of our petition this time is to tell the public to harvest enough fruit, so that unsold fruit is not wasted and extinct.

The Problem

Written by Callista Prameyta

As a tropical country, Indonesia is blessed with a wide variety of fruits that thrive in Indonesia. There are many fruit varieties that only grow in Indonesia, such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, star fruit, semanggi, kemang and menteng.

However, it is unfortunate that the existence of a number of local fruit commodities is currently threatened with extinction, this is because local fruit has a bad image in the eyes of the Indonesian people. So far, people have underestimated local fruits. The community assessed that local fruit has a less attractive colour, small size, and a price that is not much different from imported fruit which they think are of higher quality. In addition, the large market share in Indonesia and the low competitiveness of local fruits make imported fruit more prevalent and easy to find in supermarkets and traditional markets in Indonesia.

Based on the National Socio-Economic Survey, local fruit consumption has decreased drastically compared to consumption of imported fruit. People tend to prefer to consume imported fruit which they think are of better quality. When people (consumers) prefer imported fruit, traders tend to choose to sell imported fruit to get more profit, so do farmers. When sellers and buyers prefer imported fruit, farmers tend to be reluctant to plant local fruit for fear that no one will buy their crops and lose money. This will affect the scarcity and difficulty of finding local Indonesian fruits.

The Impact

Written by Audrey Thalia 

Indonesia is a big fruit market for Asian countries. Indonesian fruits have difficulty facing foreign markets, because the quality of our local fruits has not yet been able to match export standards. The quality problem is related to the fact that the fruit is produced by smallholders, most of whom do not have sufficient capital to buy fertilizers and modern agricultural equipment.

The agricultural sector deserves equal government treatment given its enormous potential. Local fruit production not only has an impact on the economy in Indonesia, but also has an impact on the lives of farmers and their families. If the quality of local fruit in Indonesia is not maintained continuously, more and more people will not want to buy local fruit in Indonesia anymore. The longer it takes, the economy in Indonesia will decline drastically.

So that many people will be affected by this economic downturn, including farmers, because the main livelihood of farmers is only farming and cultivating fruit and vegetables in Indonesia, unless they have other jobs.

If this happens continuously and there is no solution whatsoever, then over time local fruit in Indonesia will become extinct and replaced with imported fruit from abroad. So, we can't enjoy it anymore. Moreover, the villagers whose income is not much, cannot buy fruit anymore.

Our Suggestion

Written by Andrea Michella

Our country must increase fruit production by developing technology in agriculture. If farmers have more capital to plant fruit, the fruit will grow better and the yield will increase so that the price of fruit is more affordable to the community.

The government must also strive to raise people's interest in consuming fruit, especially local fruit, by empowering teacher and doctor education institutions to be able to develop ideas so that fruit can be served as a snack or as a staple food.


Written by Christian Sensantio

In conclusion, let us all work hard together to preserve Indonesia's local fruit from extinction. It's not easy, but we are sure TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT. We can start from ourselves by changing our lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle by consuming lots of fruits, especially local fruit, so that indirectly we also help increase the income of local fruit traders and farmers so that they have enough capital to develop trading businesses and their farm. When their income increases, our country's economy will also get better.

To make this happen we also need your support to sign this petition. We created this petition with the aim of inviting the Indonesian people to prefer consuming local fruit and we also ask for government support to help and pay attention to fruit farmers in conserving and developing local fruit.


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