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A foreigner who has been living and working in Bali for many years is currently killing kittens and cats premeditatedly in gruesome methods to then brags about it on social medias exposing the poor carcasses.

Aside from that she is also teaching her son to spearhunt a protected Black Tipped Shark baby and ignorantly speared a Blue Starfish in Indonesian water. As if all this done on our soil is not enough, she also has tendency to insult the locals repeatedly with namecallings such as monkeys amd stupid or both stupid monkeys. All these violant behaviours show a pattern of a mentally unstable person who is a danger to living beings and an environmental hazards to our beloved and beautiful Nusantara assets

Now that she is bringing in the name of United State's Department of Defence to hide from her animal abuse case, she is putting both countries' peace at risk by abusing US DoD's name as her own personal power to intimidate the locals who stand up for their strayed animal rights and welfare thus this person needs to be deported immediately before she causes more harms and damages then she already has.

Before this, she has been insulting Bali as a Rohibnol drug heaven and told Bali goodbye with unpleasant swearings but remains untill today doing all sorts of businesses in property and tourism.