Saving the Diverse Fruits of Indonesia from extinction

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This petition is proudly made by Ivana (Ivy), Karah, Roderick, Maria Calista (Tata), and Nikolas Bima, students of 9 Obadiah, Saint John Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruit.


Written by Roderick
Indonesia used to be a paradise for getting germplasm from plants, but now the germplasms in Indonesia are under threat of being endangered. The manager of advocacy and the People's Coalition for Food Sovereignty (KRKP) ,Said Abdallah, a network manager, said "This wealth is used by the community as a source of livelihood," and he also did said a couple various things about the subject, allowing the reduction of pressure or load on just one type of plant.

Thus sustainability also occurs. By consuming food derived from various plants, it will increase the existence of the plant itself. Indonesia with its geographic location which is located in a tropical region, and with the largest tropical rainforest, makes the wealth of germplasm in Indonesia extraordinary. The great potential of this germplasm is actually Indonesia's wealth and strength. The reason why Indonesia is currently continuing to lose their source for germplasms from plants is all because of Indonesia’s rampant land conversion.

The Problem

Written by Ivy

Because of the threat for germplasm going to extinction, Indonesia is as well as threatened to have a Food Crisis, specifically endangering fruits. Germplasm is an essential part in plant breeding and it basically enables plants to reproduce. Food crisis in Indonesia is mainly happening also due to the increase of population and shortage of germplasm resources, basically the demand for more food produced is increasing and while the supply is getting lower. 

Because of the continued loss of germplasms, research stated that the fruits produced by plants are decreasing rapidly and if we don’t begin to start worrying about them, whilst Indonesia progressively evolves to be a more populated country, it could be dangerous for our food resources and could eventually lead to major economic problems. 

Experts say that Indonesia has lost up to 75% in Agricultural Genetic Resources Diversity, which is indeed very concerning. Authorities such as KRPK have also stated that the loss of germplasms really could threaten Indonesia's fruit productions. Other sources also say that if we don’t start solving the problem now, even germplasm conservation is estimated to fail in helping the food crisis and preservation of local fruits.

The Impact

Written by Tata
The impact of this petition for Indonesian citizens is that it will avoid the food crisis that is going to happen because of the loss of germ plasma. Since Indonesia’s position as the heaven of germ plasm is threatened, currently Indonesia keeps losing its germ plasma resources due to rampant land conversion.

Due to the constant loss of germ plasma resources Indonesian people’s sovereignty and food security will be threatened continuously and after years and years Indonesia will suffer from a food crisis and the people will start losing food. Food crisis can also have an impact on the environment since agriculture contributes to climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases and reduction of carbon in vegetation and soil.

Food insecurity also leads to soil erosion and water pollution which can be bad for people’s health and security. If we constantly keep losing germ plasma, in the future we might have a very bad food crisis and many environmental concerns. Starvation for many people is also possible due to lacking food sources.

Our suggestion

Written by Bima

We the students are concerned with this issue because the impacts are quite catastrophic. The advantages of harvesting diverse types of plants is that if one fails or decreases economically the impact of that will not be anywhere as damaging, our agriculture is heavily dominated by rice, palm trees, wheat and corn. We have some suggestions towards these problems and the wonderful thing about these suggestions are that they are simple and takes little effort to do, such as:

  1. Try eating a more diverse set of foods, this expansion can help increase demand on more diverse types of plants to harvest and so the companies that own the plantations will accommodate to the diverse demands.
  2.  Sign our petition, the more signatures this petition gets the more likely it will get the attention of larger crowds and may even catch the attention of the government.
  3. Since this is quarantine, we may not have a lot to do and get bored easily or even need something to do to help make profits in your life, so why not start planting different and diverse plants to sell to your neighbors and family such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce, kale (kangkung), etc.


Written by Karah

The green revolution has shifted the paradigm of agricultural development from a traditional one to a modern system characterized by the use of agricultural inputs ranging from fertilizers to seeds. 

Through the green revolution, in the 1950s, various superior seeds were developed by international institutions which were then distributed to farmers. This distribution of superior seeds evenly in developing countries, including Indonesia, takes place very drastically.

This causes a reduction in local food types. In various places, people talk about types of local food with only names. Because in reality there is no single food that contains the complete nutrition that the body needs.

Various food plants, medicines, and spices have actually been used by people every day. The nature of seeds that have a limited time to grow means that the longer a species is not planted, the more likely it is lost.

We need your help to stop this. Use your voice so more people can know about this topic. We hope that you will do your part in helping us to resolve this problem and sign this petition and share with your friends so more people will sign and it can hopefully reach the government. 

Thank you.