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Indonesia Police: Investigate & Prosecute destroyers of Tripa!

Your support has made our previous petition at a historical success! But with Tripa still being burned, cleared, destroyed and the Sumatran Orangutan still being pushed closer to extintion, we need to urgently double our efforts and keep up the pressure and action!

The Governor of Aceh has made history by finally revoked the license of one of the illegally operating companies thanks to the pressure generated by our first petitions. But with 5 more companies still destroying protected area inside Tripa, the fight has only just begun!

There are still companies with breaking the law in Tripa continuing to clear protected forests and driving the local Sumatran Orangutan population closer to extinction, urgent action is required to save Tripa.

The national police needs to investigate and prosecute law-breakers, namely those who are breaking National Spatial Planning law 26/2007 Government Regulation 26/2008 which protects the 2.7 million hectare Leuser Ecosystem, home to critically endangered Orangutans, and also Sumantra Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos and countless other iconic species.

Community members filed a police report in November, now with the legal precedent of the first permit being revoked, it's the perfect time for the National Police to take action and bring this next case to the courts.

Together, we can take this next step, help the community, demand the police uphold Indonesian law, save Tripa, and set a huge precedent for the protection of ALL of Indonesian forests.

Please sign and share this petition!

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  • World Bank
    World Bank Investigation Team
  • Gubernur Aceh
    Zaini Abdullah
  • Gubernur Aceh
    Zaini Abdullah
  • Muzakkir Hamid
  • Muzakkir Hamid
  • Kepala Kepolisian Republik Indonesia
    Timur Pradopo
  • Kepolisian
  • Kepolisian
  • Presiden Republik Indonesia
    Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono
  • Ministry of Environment
    Balthasar Kambuaya
  • GRASP coordinator
    Doug Cress
  • Komisaris Jenderal POLRI
  • Jubir & Penasehat Ahli Gubernur
    Fachrul Razi
  • Head of BP2T Aceh Province
    Muhammad Yahya
  • Governor and Vice Governor of Aceh
    Zaini Abdullah and Muzakkir Manaf
  • Chairman of REDD+ Task Force
    Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
  • Chairman of the REDD+ Task Force working group
    Mas Achmad Santosa
  • Deputi I (Planning and International Relation) UKP4
    Heru Prasetyo
  • Head of National Council for Climate Change
    Agus Purnomo
  • Ministry of Forestry
    Zulkifli Hasan
  • Head of EU Representative in Aceh
    Giovanni Serritella
  • Excutive Director UNEP
    Achim Steiner
  • Academic expert UNEP
    Pavan Sukhdev
  • Wakil Ketua Komisi III DPR RI
    Tjatur Sapto Edia
  • Wakil Ketua Komisi III DPR RI
    Muhammad Nasir Djamil
  • Anggota Komisi III DPR RI
    Eva Sundari
  • Komisi III DPR RI
  • Ketua MPR RI
    Zulkifli Hasan

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