Pet stores must get animals from shelters and rescue organizations

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I am a huge animal lover, I love animals more than I love most people. My hope with this petition is that every animal receives the love and care that they deserve. However if they are on the streets or in a nasty breeding cycle they will never get this. My hope is to get a law passed stating that pet stores (i.e. Pet Smart, Uncle Bills, Petco) can ONLY get their animals to sell from shelters (kill & non-kill) & rescue organizations. I believe that doing this will eliminate nasty breeding organizations such as puppy mills, where dogs are bread over and over again until they are then killed, eliminating those will then stop the over population of animals, then resulting in less animals running the streets which will lead to less animals getting put in kill shelters, with an end goal of animals finding a loving forever home instead of a life of misery.