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End Indiana House Bill No. 1332

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Let me first and foremost not start out by defending our animals (which are the most important things here) but let me begin by asking these questions of you. 1.) what has caused this to make Indiana decide on this ban? 2.) what do you plan to do with our "seized" animals? 3.) have you considered the cost Indiana will spend on "seizing" these "dangerous" animals? 4.) why aren't we focusing our attentions on the much more pressing issues facing this state instead of ignoring them? Indianapolis is facing a drug and crime crisis and we are focusing our time, energy, and money into seizing people's CARED for and LOVED animals and euthanizing them, putting them in captivity for the rest of their lives or putting them into zoos. Indianapolis has one of the highest drug-related crimes rates in the nation right now, reaching close to the rates of Chicago, and we are using our law enforcement personnel on seizing people's animals. There are things that need fixing in this state but putting an unnecessary ban on animals isn't one of them. Us, as the owners, of these exotic animals know that the words "exotic" and "dangerous" do not go hand in hand but since those writing this bill think they do I have proof for you that they do not. I do agree that there should restrictions (not a full ban) on having some animals due to their size, strength, and abilities which are why I propose you reconsider your wording when you say NHP (non-human primate). Because a non-human primate is any primate from the biggest being a gorilla to the smallest being a marmoset (weighing in at about 1 lbs. full grown). Most people do not have apes in their home, most of us have what you would call a "monkey" which are capuchins, green vervets, macaques, spider monkeys, owl monkeys, and much more that don't weigh more than a medium-sized dog and along with that could not even do as much harm as a medium-sized dog. I'm more worried about my pit bull attacking someone than I've ever even THOUGHT to worry about my male vervet hurting someone. Which dog attacks are much much more common, there were a documented 146 dog attacks in Indiana just in 2016 compared to the minuscule SIX NHP attacks in this state between the dates of 2007 and 2010 ( Out of those six "attacks" two of the monkeys had only escaped from their enclosures, they were in contact with people while out but did NOT attempt to hurt anyone. I wish to appeal to you and ask that you reconsider this motion. These are not just animals to us and our community of exotic pet owners, they are members of our family. Some of us can pick up and move if this bill proceeds and we will take our monkey and leave this state but there are some who do not have that luxury. Like the older woman in Silver Lake who owns a pet java macaque that is 28 years old and sleeps in bed with her every night and owns multiple capuchins that have large enclosures inside and out, she will not be able to just up and go. I ask, actually I beg of you, Sean Eberhart and many others to rethink this decision, hear our calls, and do the right thing. Thank you for your time.

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