Legalize Kratom (MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA) in Indiana!!

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Indiana quickly passed a law banning Kratom  (Mitragyna speciosa) calling it a synthetic look alike, which it is not.  This is an unjust law and needs to be overturned.  

I was introduced to Kratom, by my family doctor, after suffering for over a year with an unknown medical condition that caused me to wake up every morning at 4-5am nauseous as all get out.  Prescription after prescription, nothing seemed to work.  After several tests came back negative, my doctor and I began to look for natural alternatives and that's when we stumbled across Kratom. After doing some research and making a short drive to the neighboring state, I finally found relief.  After 2 months of taking Kratom, I have yet to wake up sick.  

Because of my success with  Kratom, I have become a legitimate refugee of my own state.  I am forced to drive everyday to a neighboring state, just to find relief.  I have a family and can not risk getting caught possessing this 100% natural plant, but do not know what else to do.  

During these last 2 months, I have done alot of research about this wonder plant.  Several thousand people have been able to successfully end their addictions with opiates by using this plant. Kratom is a safe and wonderful alternative to opiates . Indiana is currently experiencing an epidemic when it comes to opiate addiction. We need to legalize Kratom so addicts have access to a safe and cheap alternative to opiates.  Kratom can be addicting, but it is no worse than having an addiction to caffeine.  The withdraws for Kratom are just like that of Caffeine. Kratom is a member of the coffee family.  

Please sign this petition to show your support for this miracle plant and to overturn a law that should never of been created in the first place. It's time for our state officials to protect and serve their constituents, not just Big Pharma . Thank you in advance for your support!!!


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