Seafarers are stucked in KSA for a long time! Help is required!

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   The global pandemic has lead to travel restrictions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia meaning the shipping companies can’t change out their crews who are currently working for offshore vessels under Aramco charter.
   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is member of IMO hence a lot of letters were sent to government by IMO with regards to mitigation the travel restrictions for seafarers as a key workers but government still ignore this prescriptions. Also, the shipping companies enjoy this situation and don’t want to conduct dialogues with the governments and Aramco to contribute to mitigate of travel restrictions for seafarers as a key workers.
   The shipping companies only mention to the impossibility to arrange the crew changes due to governments decision to ban all international flights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
   The shipping companies are avoided under any pretext to turn to Aramco and government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  to resolve this extremely critical situation with crew changes.
   Moreover, take into account the fact the shipping companies are trying to save money on flights tickets and such development on the situation is very beneficial for them.
   Throughout long time a lot of letters were sent to shipping companies which operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Aramco charter regarding to extremely critical situation to offshore vessels due to moral and physical  conditions of seafarers caused by lack of opportunity to arrange the crew change.
   There are a lot of alternative ways to arrange the crew changes like charter flights for seafarers, the vessels can reach to any convenient ports for crew change which is only 5-10 hrs sailing from the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

   As result we are hostages on board the floating prisons despite of all our letters which were sent to shipping companies.
   All of seafarers, who signed below mentioned petition already have completed their full terms working agreements, some of us over 10 month on board without any shore leave. We believe that you are aware  the offshore working agreement has 3 month duration in general. Unlike the merchant fleet offshore crew always get  short contract  due to specific of operations  perform by fleet, high risks & high responsibilities where one mistake can lead to serious consequences as for life and as Oil & Gas Industry in general.  Seafarers morally and physically exhausted such condition can lead the most negative consequence for everybody who involved in this business.
   Life at sea is notoriously difficult, let alone having the deal with the addition pressures COVID19 have created seafarers are suffering from physical and mental health issues which is a direct risk to life.

   Our rights under MLC(2006) convention are neglected & continue to be neglected every day. Especially  in the matter of repatriation and affordable medical care.

   All of us who has signed this petition kindly demand you to use your possible impact and provide us with all kinds of assistance  in returning home to our families.
   We are looking forward for your swift actions with regards to crew change arrangements with immediate effect.