Stop killing animals at Imatra Dam

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One moment, you are peacefully sleeping on a sun-warmed rock. Next moment, you are struggling for your life, scared, in cold water, the stream knocking you over the rocks, few moments later you're dead. 

Numerous innocent foxes and other animals die each season as a result of local civil workers recklessness during the opening of the dam on Vuoksi river.

Hundreds of people, including children, have seen a young fox drowning to death on a quiet summer evening 17.08.2019 in the small Finnish town of Imatra. The civil workers, who were numerously warned of the situation an hour before the opening of the dam, shrugged and said "it's not the first time", and did nothing. The dam waterfall itself has no other purpose than to amuse tourists.

These deaths are cold-blooded pointless murders of innocent animals.
All this can be avoided by establishing a special civil service to check the empty riverbed before the opening of the dam and scare off or catch wild animals.

We demand of Imatran local town management and the company operating the dam to establish a service to save innocent animals.