Stop Shawn Ray from commentating bodybuilding shows

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We are asking that Shawn Ray no longer be hired to commentate the live streams of bodybuilding shows. For a decade he has used this opportunity to disparage athletes and promote himself. He takes no time to even learn how to pronounce the athletes names, let alone know their contest history or anything else about them. 
Bodybuilding is a niche sport. One where the average viewer does not fully understand what they are looking at. Very much like mixed martial arts and the UFC. The UFC has provided the blueprint of putting out quality content worthy of paying for a ppv, with a big part of that being qualified commentators who are able to break down what is happening to an uniformed viewer and educate them. An educated viewer will become a bigger fan of the sport. 
While bodybuilding can be subjective, most informed viewers can understand what separates athletes from a first call out to a second callout. A commentator should be explaining these differences to the viewer. Instead Shawn Ray talks about someone’s pink hair, their failing marriage, how their shoulders look suspect, or that a top 5 classic physique competitor who is 6’2 240lbs should compete in the 212. Shawn is not helping the sport. Instead he is a troll feeding the online trolls who only want to disparage bodybuilders. 
In this age of Covid, where promoters are not able to fill venues with fans, there is a real opportunity to grow the streaming business of bodybuilding. Part of that growth must involve knowledgeable commentators who want to build up the sport and the new crop of athletes who worked their butt off to be where they are at.