Shorten the investigation time on withheld IELTS results

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How would you feel if your test result, which you extremely study hard for, has been withheld and delayed without knowing anything in progress for more than a month?  
In essence, the individual result of IELTS test is expected to be released officially after 13 days of the test date. However, it depends. Fortunate people receive their test on time. Instead, some people receive a notification of investigation of their test results. 

Regarding to the declaration on the IELTS application form that test takers have to agree to includes the following statement: 'I understand that my results may not be issued 13 days after the test if any of the IELTS Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test'I believe this regulations is quite unfair. I feel like there are no any choice left.

Based on the true story, some people receive their withheld results within only 2-3 weeks or maybe a month. There are unfortunate individuals who have to spend their waiting time for more than 3 months without knowing any progress to receive their test report forms (TRF) and the expiration date of the TRF is still 2 years without any compensation time. In addition, there are test takers who pay for test application fee to take the test again and their results has still been withheld. In the worst case, their result can be withheld permanently despite waiting for a long time. 

Should the investigation time be less than 2 months?

This long investigation time can lead to the massive anxiety as well as depression for test takers who extremely intend to study hard to achieve the test. Moreover, test takers can take the toll of opportunity to study or work abroad. To be fair, the
investigation time need to be shortened. 

Is it too much nerve-racking? Is there anything to deal with marketing? Is there anything behind the opaque curtain that needs to be translucently changed?