Ibu Risma, Please Apologize For Forcing Deaf People to Speak!

Ibu Risma, Please Apologize For Forcing Deaf People to Speak!

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“From now on, you have to learn how to speak. You have to stop using sign language, because you can speak and listen, ok?”

Friends, that was a statement coming from the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, Risma, during the commemoration of the International Disability Day 2021. She forced deaf persons to speak, and until now she wouldn’t say sorry.

When netizen protested, she said that she wasn’t forcing them. She said that she just wanted the deaf to ‘maximize’ what God has given them, and so that when they had a problem, they can scream for help.

This is clearly a blunder coming from her. A deaf person has the right to choose their own language to communicate. Be it verbally, or by using sign language.

Her statement is also a clear example of audism. Audism happens when an ‘abled’ person feels superior to the deaf, and forces them to communicate verbally. This happens because they feel like communicating verbally is better than using sign language.

Is this the right attitude to be had by a Minister of Social Affairs? She even repeatedly say similar things. A lot of deaf people felt sad, angry and disappointed.

Coming from her, this could create more disrimination towards the deaf. Also by saying this, she deliberately violates Law no. 8 / 2016, a ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the People with Disabilities that says the government should facilitate the communication of persons with disabilities, including using sign language.

Hence, through this petition we ask Ibu Risma to publicly apologize through the Ministry of Social Affairs accounts; and for her to instruct the ministry to respect the deaf and their rights, including using sign language.

We also hope that Ibu Risma would meet the Jaringan Masyarakat Tuli Indonesia, to discuss on how to remove the stigma, thoughts and attitudes that enables audism in society.

We’re not here to humiliate her. We’re here because we wanted her to be an example of a minister that is open for criticism and would create change and inclusion for the deaf.


Jaringan Masyarakat Tuli Indonesia

16.405 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 25.000.