Lift David Watson's suspension from the Labour Party!

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A faithful member of the Labour Party since 2008 and elected by the Walthamstow Constituency Party to be Fundraiser in 2015, David organised successful fundraising events and raised much needed funds for the local party.

David was always active in campaigns. He gave strong and loyal support to his MP and other comrades in the Labour Party.  He has been barred from campaigning since May 2016 when he was informed by a journalist that he had been suspended.

Two years and four months later, he has still not been charged with any offence despite defamatory articles in the media as well as death threats and abuse.

Please show your support for David in signing this petition so that he can continue supporting Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.  

This blog which appeared on the website Free Speech on Israel, gives some details about David's case: