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My husband got hepatitis C from a tattoo 25 years ago.But  only through a blood test 25 years later did we find out .His Geno type was 1 A after 2 failed treatments Gilead Science came out with a new  drug called Harvoni  which was suppose to be a miracle cure .Michael was my husband's name after he was 4 weeks he was  undecteted ,But yet the doctor made him stay on the drug for 6 months longer .He went for blood tests and ultrasounds every 6 months as the doctor ordered while the whole time cancer was eating him up .On January2016  he went for a ultrasound that's when they seen his right portal vein opening yet the doctor never told us than again in June of 2016.Finally on November 13,2016 my husband walked into a emergency room with 4th stage liver cancer they call it HCC. Now the real horror begins we keep getting letters from the doctor saying congratulations your hepatitis C free never cancer or told us the drug he was on gave  YOU ONLY 1 to 2 years of life after treatment.There are thousands of people around the world dying from Harvoni than anyone drug .I find it hard to believe this drug was even passed by the FDA let alone the CDC knows how this drug causes cancer .This is nothing but pure genocide on people .There are more deaths with hepatitis c than any other epidemic.We must come together and not let drug companies profit by causing the death of people  while there stocks go up .My God ,I don't want anyone else to suffer the nightmare  my family did . PLEASE I BEG YOU SIGN THIS PETITION STOP THE KILLING ,LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO PEOPLE  PLEASE TAKE A STAND WITH ME !!

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