Fox Free Cable Package

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Create a completely Fox Free cable package option. Viewers shouldn't have to pay for News Corp to spread its mistruths.

People talk about how divided America has become, and I believe that Fox News has had a major part in this.  Fox News has convinced its viewers that it, and only it, covers the news fairly.  They do it for profit, to keep a captive audience.  But in doing so, they distort reality for their captive viewers.

Reality:  Sexual molestation is bad.  Fox News: It was locker room talk.

Reality: Russia interfering in our election is bad.  Fox News: It wasn't illegal.

Reality: Separating children from their family and making them sleep on concrete floors is deplorable.  Fox News: This isn't the Ritz hotel.

Obviously they can say what they want.  But when you think about it, if you get Fox News, you're paying Fox News.  And I promise you I will never intentionally pay News Corp a single penny ever again.  So I cut cable.  But here's the problem.  People still need access to the things that make us normal, like ESPN, weather channel, and HGTV.  So this is why I am requesting the following:

Create a completely Fox Free cable package where not a single penny of my money goes to News Corp.

I hope someone can accomodate this request, because there's a lot of us out here who will switch cable providers for the first one who does.