No highways in Crabtree, Judbury and Lachlan

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The roads proposed in the Jefferys Track Feasibility Study will destroy the lifestyles of the people of three communities. Noise and pollution will be excessive. Road widening and re-routing will take away people's land, sheds, dams and houses. Our rural roads will become dangerous for families to walk and cycle along. Litter and fly-tipping will increase.

West Wellington would no longer be suitable for tourism ventures and for recreation. Bushwalkers, horse-riders, mountain-bikers and 4WDs want these tracks left alone.

The roads will destroy the habitat of many endangered species and condemn them to become roadkill. The roads go through important high-altitude conservation reserves which provide a wildlife corridor between Wellington Park and the World Heritage Area to the west.

We call on the study's proponents to a) Scrap the current road and track upgrade proposals through Crabtree, Judbury, Lachlan and the high conservation areas of West Wellington; b) protect the natural values of West Wellington and Wellington Park for generations to come; and c) instead re-evaluate the cheaper and less contentious development of the Plenty-Link Road (PLR), which offers many tourism and freight advantages, including being a far cheaper alternative. The PLR is lower altitude, already suitable for large freight trucks, has less impact on rural communities, goes through state forest and plantations, and offers access to far south destinations, Lake Pedder and the Styx Valley.