Let's Make America SAFE Again! No Small Cells in our Neighborhoods.

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We, the residents of the United States, demand the immediate end to the installation of small cell towers and the removal of the small cells that have been installed on/or near our property without our approval and with no warning, whatsoever.

5G, the 5th Generation Wireless System, is coming to a lamppost/utility pole near you via these small cells. This will add another layer of wireless radiation to our already compromised environment. 5G will utilize considerably higher frequency sub-millimeter and millimeter waves. Scientists and doctors throughout the world have warned of the serious health risks of wireless radiation such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, memory problems, sleep-disorders and birth defects. Our children, pregnant women, the elderly and the immune compromised are most at risk. 

We demand that the United States Government uphold its duty to protect its residents and put the needs of its residents, not the telecommunication companies first. 

Our community should not be sacrificed for the business growth and prosperity of wireless companies.

Safe, wired technology to our home will prevent security breaches and provide an impervious WALL for national security. Let's Make America SAFE against nefarious hackers!