Free war hostages ! Please ! NOW!

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Azerbaijani Soldier, Amin, was taken hostage by the Armenian militants. From what we known: Musayev Amin, Rustamov Ruslan and Kerimov Bayram are currently being held hostage. In the video spread by the Russian reporter, Aleksandr Kharchenko, he provides first aid to the gunshot wound on the soldier's leg, but then in the next footage we witness, that the soldier, who was previously coherent- is unconscious and has a bleeding injury to his head. In the other video, released later, the hostage soldier is taken somewhere handcuffed and beaten in the car, while the armenian soldiers are threatening and cursing him. For many days, we have not known anything about the fates of these Azerbaijani soldiers, and maybe many more, who are captured by the opponent militants. They may be dead, tortured or used for organs removals, which was the common practice by these militants in prior conflicts. We urge international community, Amnesty international  and Russian peacekeepers to investigate this issue and to bring our Soldiers and Hostages back home. Every hostage should be exchanged for another hostage or for monetary compensation. The opposite of this- is the gross human rights violation and a crime against humanity. All injured should receive medical help and they should be returned to their homes! Please watch the video, link below: