Freedom for Carlos Ghosn

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To H.E the Secretary General of the United Nations and to the President of Human Rights Watch,

As it looks now after over 2 months, that Carlos Ghosn is not detained by the Japanese Prosecutors rather kidnapped. The false accusations fabricated are to destroy the legacy and the reputation of the savior of Nissan, the Japanese economy and the thousands of jobs. All the accusations are based on false information, egoism, jealousy and fears. 

This act of betrayal from Nissan top management and board is cowardly, used rather by mafia not corporations. 

All international reports, comments and talk shows leaded by prominent economists  journalists, financial consultants and lawyers agree that this pure act of vandalism and it is intended for the destruction of a legendery icon in the automotive industry. His only crime is that he is smart, shrewd and professional. They could not face him at the board, they stabbed him in his back.

Congratulations to the Japanese corporations, this how you reward your leaders ?!!! 

The affair of Carlos Ghosn concerns every free human being as governments and prosecutors should not be used by corporations to aside and destroy a Human Being for whatever reason. 

Carlos Ghosn will not be left alone in this tragic situation. We stand firmly behind him and we the 22,000 signatories of this petition and the 7,200 members of the support page on Facebook, demand his immediate freedom and release from his captors.

We request your Excellencies to take immediate steps and actions to ensure his release asap. 


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