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Stop Political Persecution and Police Brutality Terror Against Citizens In Armenia.

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"We demand the end to the violence and criminal harassment."
The apparently fraudulent results of December 6, 2015, Constitutional Referendum imposed by Serzh Sargsyan gave rise to intensified persecution, violence and threats against everybody opposing and criticising the ruling Republican Party (RPA) authorities. Armenia currently has 80 political prisoners according to various human rights organizations and other NGOs. Under the criteria set forth by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, they would all be considered political prisoners. ARMENIAN CITIZENS ARE POLITICAL PRISONERS IN ARMENIA.MORE THAN 20 politically persecuted. The arrest of New Armenia (Nor Hayastan) Front members political prisoners Gevorg Safaryan, Jirayr Sefilyan, Garo Yegnukyan Shant Harutunyan and friends, Artur Vardanyan,  Paylak  Tevanyan, Valodya Avetisyan Hayk Kyureghyan, Artur Vardanyan, Samvel Babayan, Ararat Khandoyan.Sasna Crer group   31 members and To Artur Sargsyan who managed to get through the blockade and take humanitarian aid (food) to Sasoun Daredevils  initiation of illegal criminal proceedings against them and them apparently baseless detention,killed by the regime.,  as well as the acts of violence and beating of New Armenia Sasna Crer Front Supporters and Political prisoners families Zaruhi Postanjyan,Marina khachatryan, Gexam Adyan, Hasmik Sargsyan,Robert Koorkian Susie Gevorgyan,Gayane Manukyan Family ,Vahe Diloyan And his family members  and  Kyureghyan family to persecution   by lurked offenders for them political views. continuing violence against active protester political prisoner Vardges Gaspari, illegal criminal proceedings against Hakaharvats (Counterblow) art group member Artak Gevorgyan, and death threats via social networks against publicist Zara Hovhannisyan and her children not only come to complete the acts of violence of 2015 but rather, due to their nature and manner, constitute new and more violent forms of persecution against free and critical thought. Having abused the trust of the public at large and tried out all the tricks to distort the social consciousness, Serzh Sargsyan’s regime started targeting any person with free and critical thinking in an attempt to create a climate of fear and bend the public by force to its will. We hereby strongly condemn the unlawful and inhumane practices of the RPA authorities and require that they urgently abide by the legal framework since Armenia is a member of the Council of Europe. We hereby require that the criminal prosecutions against Gevorg Safaryan be terminated immediately, and he is released, and those responsible for threats and violence against other civic activists be identified and held liable. If Serzh Sargsyan’s regime fails to meet the requirements above, it will continue to bear the sole responsibility for any further violence and unlawful acts against civic activists. If such situation persists, it will cause instability, and again the sole responsibility will be borne by Serzh Sargsyan personally and the RPA regime.The fact that they have all been arrested under false charges with a lack of substantiated evidence together with the reality that authorities impose pretrial and during trial detention which circumvents the presumption of innocence is a glaring example of political persecution. The U.S. State Department, Human Rights Watch, European Court of Human Rights are among the many that have cited the abuse of pretrial detention in Armenia year after year.  In 2016 Armenia's abuse of pretrial detention was among the highest in the world with 93% of arrests being subjected to pretrial detention. Attempts to publicize the issue of political prisoners are met with either threats, violence and/or unlawful arrests.Since Armenia is viewed as a "democracy", unlike North Korea for example, the West readily turns a blind eye to specific facts which demonstrate that Armenia is in fact, at best, a semi-totalitarian regime with political prisoners. Even if there is a single political prisoner, let alone 79, in any given country it cannot call itself a democracy.The Armenian government is the recipient of funds for several programs to enhance its justice system. Instead of using the funds and resources from the U.S. and EU earmarked for developing a better system of justice and other sectors of government, it has been misappropriating said funds through governmental corruption and displaying a false illusion of "improvements" as their results.Any credible opposition to the current regime is met with political persecution and very often with violence. Political persecution is inevitably followed by the political prosecution as evidenced by the cases of Andreas Ghukasyan, Gevorg Safaryan, Jirayr Sefilian and Garo Yegnukian, and 75 others. The aforementioned individuals have been persecuted for years for their political views and for having voiced those beliefs.We, the undersigned, beseech you to look into the matter of political prisoners in Armenia and make it your duty and responsibility to raise your voice to end this injustice.We are writing to you to call upon Armenian government to stop the brutal police oppression of peaceful demonstrations and the harassment of media representatives, Jul Armenian police terror against citizens (July 2016)







Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It is classified as fourth-generation warfare and as a violent crime. in the capital 

Yerevan and in the
regions of Armenia.
On 29 July 2016 Armenian police used disproportionate force and violence against peaceful
demonstrators exercising their constitutional right for peaceful and free assemblies, to raise their
voice against the current corrupt regime of Armenia. As you know, the mass demonstrations followed
when on 17 July 2016 a group of armed gunmen attacked the Patrol-Guard Service Regiment of RA
Police located in Erebuni district of Yerevan and demanded the resignation of the president of
Armenia and release of a number of political prisoners. While many citizens of Armenia do not share
the chosen method of the armed group, the alarming poverty, oligarchic impunity, widespread
violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms boosted civic activism and brought thousands
of people to the streets of Yerevan.This was followed by disproportionate and brutal use of force by
Heavily armed police used tear gas, stun grenades, truncheons and shields against a civilian march.
This resulted in around 60 people being hospitalised, many of whom with serious injuries. A 16-year
the old boy has lost his eye as the result of the use of a stun grenade by the police. The police, including
plainclothes police operatives, followed demonstrators into residential houses where the beatings
and intimidations continued, in some cases in front of the terrified children. Stun grenades were
thrown into residential houses in a densely populated area of Yerevan, causing panic, terror and
burning at least one house.
The police specifically targeted representatives of media, who were beaten, in some cases left with
severe injuries. Their equipment was destroyed or taken. In particular, the representatives of Radio
Liberty, Civilnet, A1+, Armenia are among injured.
During the last 14 days of demonstrations around 500 civilians were detained without a due process
or procedure. Political and civil activists, NGO representatives, journalists were specially targeted.
In most of the cases, those detained were kept in inhumane and degrading conditions, refused legal
or medical assistance, beaten and intimidated.
We are writing you to ask you to appeal and to remind the Armenian government of its ongoing international
legal obligations. Armenia has ratified both the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
(ICCPR) and the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR),
which guarantee the fundamental human rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
The brutal violations of the freedom of expression (Article 19 ICCPR) and on the right to peaceful
protest (Article 22 ICCPR) seen during the last two weeks should be univocally condemned by the
international community and pressure should be put on the Government of Armenia to:
- Ensure that freedom of expression is effectively realised by all in Armenia, including media, non-governmental,
political parties as well as ordinary citizens;
- Guarantee that any restrictions of such rights are strictly proportionate to the circumstances of the
situation and are in compliance with the constitutional and international obligations of the Republic
of Armenia;
- Initiate prompt and effective investigation of all incidents of attacks on and intimidation of media
representatives and ordinary citizens and ensure that all those responsible are prosecuted;
- Ensure that media representatives are not attacked or deprived of their belongings while carrying
out their professional responsibilities;
- Ensure that the people of Armenia have access to the media, including the internet;
- Ensure that all detainees enjoy the right to a fair trial (Article 6 ECHR, Article 14 ICCPR) and are
not subjected to torture or other cruel or inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment (Article 3
ECHR and Article 7 ICCPR), which is not- derogate rights.

We remain at your disposal to answer any questions, to provide more information or to discuss these issues in more details, should you wish so.

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