Stop Hulu from releasing sexist Myst series

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We have been inspired by feminist video game critics to petiton Hulu, Legenday and Cyan to cease any-and-all progress on creating a TV series based on the misogynistic video game franchise of Myst.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst is a sexist video game in that it utilizes the damsel-in-distress mechanism. Catherine is held captive throughout the game, trading the disempowerment of the female character for the empowerment of the player. We know the player is unisex, which doesn't necessarily make it overtly misogynistic; however, it is still objectification and victimization in terms of Catherine being reduced to an object in a competition between men (Atrus and Gehn).

Myst IV: Revelation also deplorably uses the trope applied Yeasha. The other games in the series (Myst and Myst III in particular) are also sexist because of the lack of strong female characters, or female characters in general.

The fact that the first game was practically made in a basement (casting the creators and family) DOES NOT EXCUSE THE MISOGYNY. The fact that Catherine and Anna were written as strong female leads (that saved Atrus's life) in the companion books DOES NOT EXCUSE THE MISOGYNY in the game of Riven.

Tell Hulu, Legendary and Cyan that you will not stand idle as the patriarchy perpetrates the invasion of misogynistic game culture into broadcast media! Tell them to stop this TV series!