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Allow users to hide marketing of sensitive topics on Hulu and other streaming video sites.

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Many people are dealing with difficulties in their lives and watching TV shows and movies can be a great way to escape. But often times the advertising we see makes that extremely difficult. 

For example, when an individual struggling with infertility is constantly bombarded with ads for pregnancy tests. Or when a recovering alcoholic is shown ads for beer or liquor. Or a teen struggling with an eating disorder.

It's important for advertisers to target their best audience, and it's important for viewers to be able to enjoy their shows and see ads that are relevant without adding to their emotional struggles.

We ask that Hulu, SlingTV, PlayStationVue and other streaming websites to offer an opportunity to opt out of certain key topics for advertising and allow the viewer to further customize their experience. Key topics may include, but are not limited to, pregnancy tests, baby items, alcohol, gambling, cosmetic procedures, weight loss.

This idea came to me through a conversation in a Facebook fertility support group. After months and years of trying to conceive, it's hard enough for us to go to the grocery store and see other people pushing their babies around in a cart, or to hear about how all someone has to do is "look at their spouse" and their pregnant. Then when we sit down to watch TV we continue to see ads boasting positive pregnancy tests and diaper ads. It's very disheartening, especially because we are probably targeted for the products due to our gender and age.

While on my own fertility journey, my eyes have been opened to the personal struggles of many who face similar challenges. Entertainment can be a wonderful way to escape those feelings, even if for 30 or 60 minutes. Please offer us the option to opt-out of sensitive advertising categories.

Thank you!

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