Requesting SNK to make updates for Kof XIII.

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Requesting SNK to make updates for Kof XIII.

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Saiki XIII started this petition to 1-16-17, Esaka-cho, Suita-city, Osaka, 564-0063 TEL.(06)6339-6362 FAX.(06)6378-6360 and



At the game's (and the series') Evolution Championship Series debut in 2012, it became the second-most-watched game of the series at over 90,000 consecutive viewers, thanks to a highly competitive tournament

In 2012, Complex ranked it as the third best SNK fighting game ever made, calling it "one of this generation’s finest fighters." The magazine also ranked it as the eighth best 2D fighting game of all time in 2013, stating: " its a hit at EVO.

We want SNK to make KOFXIII UM version like they did for 2002 and 98.


lets come to the point that what we really want in KOFXIII UM.

1. I am an artist and I know how difficult it is to develop gfx like KOFXIII But at least SNK can make one more team something like Orochi team if not the whole orochi team just include chris because chris can have good HD combos or they can add some Ash saga characters like oswald,adelheid and malin.
This is what even KOFXIII director said " we ran out of time we wanted to include oswald,adelheid and malin in KOFXIII.
and they showed oswald and malin sprites. its means they did some work, they can finish and include it in XIIIUM.

2. We want some balance changes to be done for KOFXIIIUM. like we have Iori and Benimaru's infinte that can be removed and nerf some overpowered characters.

3. This is one of the most important that they can improve netcode as they did for KOFXIV.

4. They can port KOFXIIIUM to PS4,Xboxone and Steam.


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This petition had 207 supporters

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