Houston Texans: A change is needed.

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Dear Houston Texans and Fans,

My name is Garrick Jones, former Houston Texan, President of the Huddle Up Foundation of Houston, Treasurer of The NFLPA Houston Chapter, and Commissioner and Co-Founder of The States Developmental Football League. The trading or releasing of cornerstone athletes without clear communication of direction has been the absolute confirmation for Houston's city that something drastic has to be done within the Houston Texan organization! In addition to professional colleagues of mine, several former teammates have reaffirmed that I should put my name in the hat for General Manager of the Houston Texans! During my professional football career, I have gone through similar situations with several teams, and there needs to be an alternate avenue when dealing with players and fans. The transactional leadership approach of yesterday not only hurts the team, but it hurts the chances of our city ever seeing a Super Bowl championship. This is clearly what has been going on in the organization for some time now. It's time for a complete teamwork approach for our football team. I would love to have an opportunity to be considered as a candidate for General Manager when that time comes. The city of Houston has been great for my family and me! It's where I learned how to make a social impact off the field because of the Houston Texans and NFL platform! It's been some years since the Houston Texan organization has employed me. Still, the loyalty to the organization and city in which I have my very own Garrick Jones day with a proclamation date of October 25, 2005, is something that will never die! The team and city took a massive blow by the departure of some key players, which I feel should've never happened. The wonderful people of Houston and I, along with the rest of the Texan fans all over the world, ask that you grant me the opportunity to interview in Hope's of continuing the legacy of Bob McNair as your next General Manager. He stepped out on faith by bringing an NFL team back to Houston! Now we are asking you to do the same thing. It will take a General Manager with a vested interest in this organization and a transformational leadership approach to make this work! Teamwork does make the dream work. That means that everyone from the tip-top down to the groundskeepers are in it to bring the Lombardi trophy to Houston! The fans deserve it. The city deserves it. Most importantly, Mr. McNair's legacy deserves it.


Garrick Jones

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A veteran of three professional football leagues, Garrick Jones personifies the qualities of a battle-tested leader on and off the field. These qualities are key components of a general manager who will lead by example while building a blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth organization. Garrick is also President of the Huddle Up Foundation of Houston and played four seasons in the National Football League, as well as four seasons in the Canadian Football League, which was highlighted by signing his first NFL contract after forgoing his senior season at Arkansas States University due to personal issues. Garrick currently sits on the Board of Directors for the NFLPA Houston Chapter and the Advisory Board for IMPACT Sports LLC; a company focused on the development of concussion reducing helmets for all athletes.


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