Tell schools to stop hair discrimination now!

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My 8 year old son Farouk has beautiful long hair. Our decision to let his hair grow was initially a cultural one, but then our reasons evolved to be more about identity, and his emotional attachment to his mane.

But the Christian school my son has applied for is refusing to consider his application unless he cuts his hair. The Equality Act exists to protect all genders from actions like this. But right now, across the country, discrimination is happening to boys with long hair.

That’s why I’m calling for the education minister to write to every school in the UK to remind them of their duty. I’m also calling on the schools my son applied for to change their policy. Will you help by signing my petition?

In a world where people are so scared to be themselves and individual, I wholeheartedly support Farouk’s confidence in being different and hope it can encourage the same confidence in others. I’m so proud. 

Thankfully, Farouk’s current school is very inclusive and have always embraced his hair, with the only reasonable request, for health and safety that it must be tied back.

His future education is uncertain. I have tried to prepare and persuade him that one day for the sake of his education we might need to cut it all off. I thought he would come around, but as the secondary school application process will start in 2 years his passion for keeping his hair has even intensified and he is terrified.

In a just world, people should be judged on the content of their character and NOT on their appearance. To be clean, tidy, polite, punctual, considerate and hard working should be all that is requested from institutions. 

Please help us improve our chidren's future by signing my petition 
Thank you.