Expulsion- Any Congress/Senator that supports violent protests/riots.

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Over the last 4 years due to publicly announced hatred by people in Congress and the Senate has completely affected and spread into the public. Members of both parties have publicly condoned and encouraged protests/riots to gain support of their personal hatred and political agenda’s while hypocritically promoting unity in official forums. 

We have witnessed elected officials promoting fund raisers to be used for bailing out violent actors arrested for their actions. These violent actors have destroyed people’s lives, property, businesses, law enforcement protection and freedom.

These violent actors have been publicly encouraged to get in others faces, scream at them, cuss them, run them off and has escalated to beatings, traffic impeded, property destroyed, burned, and many deaths not only of civilians but also law enforcement. Very few elected officials have spoken out against these actions although they do speak out against any group of disgusted citizens affected by it that try to stand their ground.

Children are being forced to have to grow up in a very violent, hate filled world that will not stop until we get rid of the elected officials that encourage such behavior and replace them with officials that possess good traits and will use their positions of power to serve the people instead of thinking our voices, our freedom’s and our safety isn’t as important as theirs.