Residents Against the Adversane Development Plan

Residents Against the Adversane Development Plan

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Fleur Costello started this petition to Horsham District Council

150 hectares of ancient and precious countryside at Adversane have been put forward by property developers as an allocation for around 3,500 new homes in a new town to be called 'Kingswood'. 

The land comprises permanent pasture and ancient woodland, interspersed with hedgerows, ditches and small ponds.  The proposed site is edged on the western boundary by the Southdowns National Park: chosen for its outstanding natural beauty. The site is currently home to orchids, nightingales, Pipistrelle & Barbastelle bats, barn owls, various types of deer, slow worms, glow worms, newts, frogs, toads.   In the words of Tony Whitbread, President of Sussex Wildlife Trust, "In any other part of the Country this land would be classified as an AONB".

This petition contends that there are many more appropriate places in the county to site a new town, rather than building over pristine countryside such as this.

This petition aims to express local residents' opposition to the proposed planning on account of the detrimental effects this planning may pose to:

  • Archaeology / Cultural Heritage (SITE CODE RED*)
  • Landscape (SITE CODE AMBER*)
  • Environmental Quality (SITE CODE AMBER*)
  • Flooding / Drainage (SITE CODE AMBER*)
  • Transport (SITE CODE AMBER*)


(Transport: Although 60% of the residents of Horsham District live and work within the District, 40% commute beyond the District boundaries.* This site is allocated approx. 3 miles from Billingshurst station. Network Rail has shown no commitment to providing a new bridge over the railway line cutting through proposed site.) 

(Developers claim, "The site would be linked in employment and educationally to Brinsbury College to the south".  Brinsbury College is an agricultural college and this petition disputes the validity of the developers claim.) 

This petition also argues that such a huge development plan such as Adversane would necessitate brand new infrastructure regarding; schools, health care provision, travel, open space provision, etc.  This petition argues that the pre existing infrastructure in Billingshurst could be enhanced and developed to cope with the present developments and accommodate the alternative proposed sites. 








* Horsham District Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation February 2020 (pg. 69).


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!