Update Ontario's Building Code to Save Birds

Update Ontario's Building Code to Save Birds

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More than 1 billion birds are killed in collisions with windows every year across North America despite available mitigation measures. Reflections in windows delude birds into lethal collisions. Research estimates that between 1 to 10 million birds die in collisions with buildings in Toronto alone every year. Migratory bird species are in significant decline, for this, and other reasons such as climate change. 

Section 14 of Ontario's Environmental Protection Act and section 32 of Canada's Species at Risk Act make it an offence to harm or kill birds due to window collisions, but governments have been unwilling to enforce these laws. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has introduced a Bird Friendly Building Design standard, but there are no requirements for building owners to respect the standard.

There is a simple solution. The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) can incorporate the CSA standard into the Ontario Building Code.

Sign the petition for the MMAH to incorporate the CSA standard into the Building Code to save the lives of millions of birds.