Reduce Vehicle Taxation

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Malta, and/or EU Citizens residing in Malta,

 Recalling that transport taxes in Malta as a percentage of total taxation are the highest among the EU-27,

 Recalling also that vehicle registration tax and the annual circulation tax/vehicle licence fee in Malta as a percentage of total taxation were the highest among the EU-25 for a number of years, and amount to de facto double taxation,

 Recognizing that the European Commission has proposed the total abolition of the vehicle registration tax,

 Recognizing also that the European Commission proposed that vehicle registration tax be fixed at a maximum of 10% of the car pre-tax price, where the tax is not totally abolished,

 Affirming that the annual circulation tax/vehicle licence is too high in Malta in several cases and in comparison to similar fees in other countries - in some cases 10 times as much or more,

 Stress that the vehicle registration tax needs to be charged at not more than 10% of the pre-tax price of the car, if it is not completely abolished;

 Urge the authorities to reduce considerably the annual circulation tax/vehicle licence fee to avoid double taxation, and be retained at a constant level every year as long as the car passes an emissions test;

 Request that as an EU Member State, Malta abstains from any attempt to increase the overall tax burden to passenger cars, and to reduce such burden.  


This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister for Transport
    Hon. Mr. Joe Mizzi
  • Minister for Finance
    Hon. Prof. Edward Scicluna

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