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Help People with Invisible Disabilities Get a Seat On Public Transport

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Most of us hate missing out on a seat on public transport. It means standing, squished up against other passengers, for the long commute home. But for some of us standing for 30, 20 or even 5 minutes is next to impossible. If you have an invisible disability standing for long periods of time can cause nausea, dizziness, pain, balance problems or other symptoms. And the worst thing is- nobody knows to offer help or, in this case, a seat.

I am one of those people. Since being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2012 I have been avoiding public transport at times I know I cannot get a seat. This can mean not going out, forking out for an uber or agonising over how to get to an appointment.  

But Public Transport is meant to be for everybody- sick or well. 

London has trialled a new system of providing badges to travellers with invisible disabilities. Alongside a public awareness campaign, these help other commuters know who needs a seat. People can also be provided a card so that those who do not want to wear a badge still have a way to ask for a seat. As such, we can ensure that people with invisible disabilities do not need to be afraid of travelling or avoid it all together. 

We believe Victoria can do the same. We call on the Minister for Public Transport the Hon. Jacinta Allan MP and the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing the Hon. Martin Foley MP to begin a trial of such a campaign in Victoria. 

Together, we can make Public Transport inclusive for everyone. 

See the London program here: 

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