Ban the sale and possession of opera house nets in Tasmania

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Dear Premier

In Tasmania, opera house nets are already illegal to use in all inland waterways, and yet are still being sold in retail outlets across the state. These nets trap indiscriminately, and have been devastating the platypus population, and other important species. 

Every day in Tasmania people are still able to purchase these traps and use them illegally in our waterways. 

Tasmania is the proud natural habitat for some of the world's most rare and unique species, including the platypus. The thought that we would allow such a species to become victim to this repeated tragedy is unacceptable, not only to Tasmanians, but to people all over the globe. Current regulations are clearly ineffective in preventing their use in Tasmania's inland waterways while they are still available for purchase, and while they are still legal to possess.

We require a total ban on the sale and possession of these nets in Tasmania. Please help us to get this enacted and allow Tasmania's precious native species to be properly protected.