Stop the deportation of Stiven Bregu

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Stiven Bregu is an unaccompanied asylum seeker who has just heard that his application to remain in the UK has been denied. He faces imminent deportation unless his appeal to the Home Office is successful.

Stiven was sent to the UK by his mother when he was 13, against his own wishes, to escape a violent and abusive family situation in Albania. He arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry, completely alone. A car full of human traffickers dumped him on the outskirts of Keynsham in the middle of the night with no contacts, no English language, and no money or possessions. Stiven found his way to a police station and was taken into the care of Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Stiven started school at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Bristol a month later, and immediately started preparing for his GCSEs. It took him 6 months to become comfortable with speaking in English and make friends, but he settled into school life and his new foster family really well.

Stiven did extraordinarily well in his GCSEs, better than anyone expected, and progressed to Sixth Form where he has again excelled. He is currently sitting his A Levels in Biology, Maths and Chemistry. He is predicted to achieve highly, and has been identified as a student who will be a future leader demonstrated with his success at being selected onto the City Leadership Programme. He even spoke at the Global Parliament of Mayors Summit in October last year and received a standing ovation. Stiven has developed strong relationships with a wide group of friends and plays an important role in the school and wider community, including giving up his time to support younger students. Stiven is a positive role model for other vulnerable young people in our city and beyond. After his A Levels Stiven is hoping to accept an apprenticeship offer that he has received from Rowan Dartington, a wealth management firm in Bristol.

A week before Stiven’s A Level exams began, his application to remain in the UK was denied. He has a hearing in July to appeal the decision which he has been busy preparing for as well as revising and sitting his A Levels. Unless his appeal is successful he faces deportation back to Albania, a country which he has no connections to and no family contacts. We need the Home Office to reconsider this in light of the difficult circumstances surrounding Stiven’s arrival in the UK, his current contribution to this society, and also the absolute uncertainty of what he would be going back to in Albania.  As a young man with so much ambition and talent, Stiven is a tremendous asset, and would give back tenfold to a nation and city that have looked after him so well.

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