Justice for George Floyd, Murder/Manslaughter Charges Against Officers Involved!

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Early Tuesday morning, a video emerges showing an officer end the life of a 40 year old unnamed African American male, later identified as George Floyd. The officer keeps the male with his face against the ground with his knee on his neck until the point where the male is bleeding and body stops moving. The officers claim the man had resisted officers leading to them restraining him. The man pleads to not be killed as civilians gathering along ask the officer to get off of his neck. Saying “He’s not moving” and asking “Did you kill him?” 


In this instance officers failed to safely and properly restrain an individual which resulted in his death. A clear disregard for human life 

As officers realize there is now a medical emergency, the male is transferred to a hospital where he later is pronounced dead due to his injuries. 

Hold Minneapolis Police accountable for this clear murder of George Floyd. Our officers need to be held to the highest of standards and must be held accountable when there is a blatant disregard for the basic well being of the individuals in which they serve. 

George Floyd deserves Justice, as his life was taken by Officers using an unjust amount of force for an extended period of time while ignoring clear calls for help. He knew his life was slipping away before him as did the many civilians watching.

Why did the officer not put George in their patrol car ?

Lets ensure Derek Chauvin is charged with first degree murder and Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng are all charged with Third Degree Manslaughter for their role in the death of George Floyd.

Share, get signatures and lets ensure Justice for George! 

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