Reduce Ocean Pollution!

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Marine pollution is a growing problem in this world. Many animals, as well as people, are going to be affected negatively because of this issue. Reasons for this problem could be because companies and manufacturers often don’t mind their waste management very well, and a lot of that ends up in the ocean. Earlier this year, when I was due to go on a trip to a beach, there were piles of trash scattered all over the place, and there were still more washing up from the ocean. I realized just how dirty these places were, and that was supposed to be a clean beach! This is worrisome, as more and more trash is beginning to build up in the ocean. Due to this, there’s now a Pacific garbage patch that's twice the size of Texas in the Pacific ocean, which is three times the size of France! These problems should be tried to be reduce and/or stopped.

Marine pollution should be stopped for many important reasons, and one of them is including that polluting the ocean can affect many people, or even you. For instance, over 3 billion people rely on fish as a major source of protein and food. Another reason would be that the ocean produces over 50% of the oxygen we breathe and takes about ¼ of the carbon dioxide emissions that we give! Pollution could also just as easily ruin places that people go to, for instance, beaches. Often times, people don’t realize or possibly, understand, about what they’re doing and can accidentally help add to pollution, because they aren't aware of it yet.

Most of this problem is caused by improper waste management and so a lot of the trash from the industries and manufacturers end up in the ocean. Also, people do sometimes litter and leave bottles on the beach or throw them into the sea. Therefore, many fish and sea creatures are now becoming endangered. Why this matters is because if one animal goes extinct or dies out, then the entire food chain shatters, as because the animals that would originally eat that creature would die out as well, (because of nothing to eat) and so on. This 'shattering' of the food chain could easily affect people, because then the people which rely on fish or other sea creatures would have less, or even no food, because of this chain effect. And, again as so much people rely on fish as a major food and protein source, that would be a major problem.

To conclude, this is affecting our environment heavily and needs to be stopped. There ways to help stop this, and as simple as not throwing a bottle into the ocean, and to recycle your trash. A way to help is to sign my petition, which I’ll send to the someone who can make a change (if I get enough signatures) and as well as some other areas, and hope they will be more careful and help reduce pollution such as just by putting signs up for people to be more careful about littering and where they dispose their trash, small fines for just leaving it somewhere like a beach, as well as being much more careful on waste management, such as recycling the trash here in Hong Kong and maybe even some of the other places as well.

Thank you! :D