His Tabernacle “re-gift” the Elmira Heights Theater

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In 2019 the operating manager of the Elmira Heights Theater started the process of securing a loan to purchase the theater building and business. The process of approval for a large commercial loan is lengthy. Then covid swept the world. In the village of Elmira Heights, it shut down many businesses, including the Heights Theater. 

Details are scarce, yet it is assumed that the theater owners explored avenues to maximize financial earning potential. This included donating/gifting the theater building and equipment to His Tabernacle, instead of selling to the operating manager. Donating would allow a much larger tax write off.

Rumors circled, and because of the threat of losing the theater, private citizens pooled resources. The theater operator approached the theater owners with a purchase offer. 

The purchase offer was turned down. 

We, the residents of Chemung County, the customers of this gem of a theater, kindly ask His Tabernacle to “re-gift” the theater. 

There are many ways to do this, including donating or selling this “gift” to the theater operator, whom wanted to buy it months ago.

The Elmira Heights Theater has been under steady management for eight years. The movie theater business isn’t easy nor simple. Yet we have been fortunate to have a small town, successful independent theater in the Chemung County. 
Thanks to savvy management, The Elmira Heights Theater was able to show brand new movies opening weekend at a “second run” price. 

Let’s all work together to keep the Elmira Heights Theater playing new movies weekly at a low admission price. 
Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition.