Your Majesty, help to prevent the killing of whales and dolphins !

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Your Majesty the Emperor Naruhito,

I wish prosperity to your Home and Japan!

I am a resident of planet Earth and appeal to you with a request to protect its interests.

Please help to prevent the killing of whales and dolphins! The story of whales extermination in oceans breaks the hearts of all people who value life and are capable of compassion. Tens of millions powerful, highly emotional, beautiful creatures are exterminated by whalers of many countries of the world. Brutal slaughter of whales lasted several centuries, and as a result, our oceans are being turned into a water desert. Some species and subspecies of cetaceans have disappeared from the face of the Earth, many are now on the verge of extinction. But enough blood! The time has come for insight and purification.


Duty to the whales.

I know that whaling is traditional in many Japanese provinces. I know that in difficult times this hunting helped the Japanese nation to survive, and therefore, the use of whale meat for many people is connected with the memory of their ancestors. But even more so, Japan has enough reasons for gratitude, in order to repay the debt to whales and dolphins. Protect them! Give them monuments! Restore their original numbers off the coast of Japan, help the world community create international marine reserves for whales in the Antarctic, in the Pacific and Indian Oceans!

I ask you to call on the Japanese nation to rethink its role in the oceans, its duty to the graceful marine giants.


A call for humanity.

The new knowledge of mankind regarding whales and dolphins has changed a lot in our attitudes towards them. We know about them, that they are highly developed creatures. Their emotionality, sociality, sociability, ability for compassion and self-sacrifice, perhaps exceed human abilities. Many species have a complex communication system that has all the attributes of a language. Several cetacean species have proven the existence of cultural traditions. Whales and dolphins possess the largest and most highly developed brain of all living things on Earth. We still have not learned to understand their languages, but this does not mean that these creatures are not intelligent! Against the background of this knowledge, the cruelty with which people of different nations killed and is killing whales and dolphins seems savage and barbaric. Are people able to be humane towards other highly developed, highly sensitive creatures? The answer to this question largely depends on the conduct of your great country.

I ask you to call on all Japanese people to be humane with respect to the most advanced inhabitants of the ocean, to creatures equal to us in their abilities.


Stop the conveyor.

We now know that breaking family ties, forcibly removing calves and young individuals from their families, causes unthinkable suffering to dolphins. Some animals die due to experiencing this stress, some even kill themselves, unable to bear the grief of separation from loved ones. Captivity also causes dolphins a lot of suffering. A small enclosed space, constant coercion, constant stress, illness, depression and short life are the fate of all dolphins kept in captivity. For them, their whole life from the moment of trapping turns into a continuous series of suffering without the hope of liberation. All people who seek knowledge and truth, know about it, but the entertainment industry in some countries still actively exploits dolphins, without facing any consequences. Unfortunately, Japan is the main supplier of slave dolphins to amusement parks. Hundreds of beautiful dolphins are caught annually in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, for sale in captivity. About six hundred dolphins per year are slaughtered there. This is a true conveyor of the suffering and death of sea creatures. Every time, when whalers drive dolphins into a cove for murder or capture, the ocean and the whole Earth are filled with pain, horror and despair.

I ask you to urge the Government of Japan to stop issuing permits for the extraction of dolphins for meat or for captivity. The conveyor of suffering of innocent beautiful creatures must be stopped.


Economic opportunity.

Much has changed since Japan was forced to develop whaling to feed the population. Today your country is the third largest economy in the world, and you can afford to implement serious socio-economic projects. There are many talented, ambitious officials in your country, many large corporations and banks that can support the reform.

I ask you to urge the Government to create favorable conditions for the economic reorientation of all enterprises and all settlements, one way or another connected with whaling, hunting dolphins and capturing dolphins for captivity. Protection of the ocean and marine animals should become profitable to all of them. Let whales and dolphins frolic without any fear in the rays of the rising sun off the coast of Japan! Let the numerous fountains of whales become visible from the embankments of Japanese cities!


Personal promise.

For many years, since I learned about the Taiji massacre, I have kept myself from buying Japanese goods. With all due respect to the culture and traditions of Japan, the pain of realizing what is happening in this town (and in several others) never leaves me. I know other people who feel and do the same. But I promise you that my attitude towards Japanese goods will change. I will buy them first if Japan stops this terrible hunting. And if some large Japanese corporations take the side of the whales, I and my children will never forget this.

I ask you to urge large Japanese industrial companies to help residents of Taiji and other whaling towns and villages create a new humane economy.


Bring good will to the oceans.

Recent studies have shown that whales are of great benefit to the ocean. They constantly mix its waters, distribute nutrients horizontally, raise nutrients from the depths, thin out dense accumulations of zooplankton, preventing local depressions. Thus, they significantly increase the productivity of the ocean. The magnitude of this impact has not yet been assessed, but it is already obvious that the role of whales in the ocean is not inferior to the role of large herbivores in the formation of superproductive steppe land ecosistems. Seas and oceans filled with whales will be filled with fish, squid and benthic invertebrates. And vice versa, by destroying whales and dolphins, we seriously reducing the productivity of the oceans, turning them into an aquatic-desert. This effect cannot be ignored. After all, we are responsible for the condition of the planet we leave to our children and grandchildren.

I ask you to urge the highly accomplished Japanese scientific community to defend the oceans. Many troubles of the oceans can be prevented, many problems can be solved if Japanese science takes care of this.


Resentment aside.

Your Majesty, you should know that people in many parts of the world speak and think bad things about Japan, sends curses on it. But not a single government is involved in this. This pain speaks in people. The pain of beating the most beautiful animals in Japan, which is actually continuing. There are no insurmountable obstacles, except the ambitions and financial interests of a very small group of people, in order to stop this! All other reasons are contrived and are nothing more than manipulations of public opinion. It is in the interest of the people of Japan and the world to stop the Taiji massacre and the whaling industry as a whole. The nature of the Earth, the common House of mankind, appeals to us about this.

Please save the whales and dolphins. Please do what is in your power!

May the Reiwa era shine upon the world!