Save Burzahom-Save Cultural Heritage of Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir is losing its rich cultural and natural heritage at an alarming pace due to official apathy and neglect. Burzahom an internationally recognized Neolithic/ Megalithic archaeological site in Srinagar district of Jammu & Kashmir is one of the grave examples of the official neglect. The monument is a protected site by Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India. The importance of the site in Kashmir's cultural history and archaeology lies in the fact that the place Burzahom has been inhabited by the people around middle of the fourth millennium BCE (around 5500 years ago). The material culture retrieved through archaeological excavations point towards the fact that Kashmir has been a meeting place for Central and South Asian cultures. The important evidence of spindle whorls suggests that Kashmir's famous textile industry had its origins at Burzahom. The Beautiful bone tools and the trephination marks on the skulls of many skeletons reveals that people of Burzahom were advanced in medical sciences as well. The finished stone tools of Neolithic period and other cultural material like pottery with drawings (man on a hunting scene) and Jewelry (steatite & carnelian beads) testifies the cultural advancement of the people of Kashmir during the Neolithic period. Due to rapid urbanization Dozens of Kashmir's Neolithic/Megalithic sites are completely destroyed and Burzahom is one among the sites despite of having a law for protection of monuments and sites.

The sites like Burzahom are the legacy of our ancestors. This is a shared heritage and it is our collective responsibility to preserve and conserve it for posterity. Heritage is an identity to be cherished by the people, in turn gives satisfaction to the core that a sense of belonging emerges as a fundamental tool leaving the doors open for prosperity and happiness. I seek your help to reach to the people at the helm of affairs especially His Excellency Shri. Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Lt. Governor, UT of Jammu and Kashmir to take necessary steps (frame a policy) to preserve, conserve and restore cultural heritage sites in Kashmir in general and Burzahom in particular. Playing cricket at this protected site should be stopped immediately. 

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