Plead Twitter For "Illegal Adult Content" Built-In Report Options

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Who? We are a virtual community of vigilant people dedicated to reporting Twitter accounts that distribute animal and child sexual exploitation material on a daily basis. We are #OpShieldOfGabriel.

What? At the moment, to specifically report child sexual exploitation material (CSEM), Twitter will only provide an external link for this purpose, which makes this task much more time consuming and unpractical especially for those who do this on mobile - When it comes to animal sexual exploitation material (ASEM), there are absolutely no specific reporting tools for this category.

As you might know, there are plenty of built-in reporting options, but a specific "Illegal Adult Content" is needed since the distribution of this type of content is a CRIME and needs to be properly distinguished as such.

The well-being of innocent children and animals is at stake, so let our voices be heard and help us keep Twitter free from illegal adult content, and may the reporting tools we need be provided for this end.