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One should think, that for all that has been posted for this greater pledge to worldwide peace, one must wonder why it receives such antagonist legal support. The law must be consistent, and constantly same-apply. A quick gage and international assessment tool for local legal structures is included.

Kind friend,

Share this to help worldwide peace become our shared reality that much faster. Rights activists have been killed for much less than the international work of Rene Helmerichs. This is a story of true faith.

An accident happened.

Rene was a college teacher. A church tricked him. The date was 21 April 2012, the location, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. People from the church didn't know. The teacher questioned the idea of faith. The result was a fabrication about the teacher that is not true.

Dates, specific details, and all necessary supporting evidence, is included in a 2nd printing of The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace to demonstrate to you that YOU are God, and God exists beyond our collectively shared unconscious. Put the location of this link at in the back of your head for reference should you feel like verifying any part:

This post is designed to function as an introduction for The Dissertation, linked again at the bottom. For those that are looking for the original post that was emailed on 12 July 2018, find it here:

Rene approached the police, and the police didn't believe him. They thought Rene was joking. The date was 3 Sept 2012. A recording of the moment is shared online in a post to Barrie police Sergeant Doug Henderson at .

Barrie Sergeant Doug Henderson was kind. He didn't really want to charge Rene for possession of only 3.5 grams of marijuana (which is set to be fully legal 17 Oct 2018 in Canada). Doug asked Rene if he'd mind a short medical exam, before heading to the police station for processing. Rene agreed on condition the arrest be recorded, and recorded it was.

The treasurer of the local church congregation told police that Rene had been obsessed with her since their first encounter on 5 Feb 2011. Doctors believed the woman and considered Rene to be delusional. Rene kept going on about the greater argument for God presented the church.

Doug dropped Rene off a Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) on 3 Sept 2012. Rene didn't get to leave until 30 Oct 2012. It took Rene two months of arguing with doctors to be released. The normal jail time for a first offence, either 3.5 grams marijuana possession or fictitious criminal harassment, isn't more than 15 days in Toronto.

Doctors took away the normal right of Rene to refuse medication. Then they forced injections into him. To do this, doctors first had to be willing to commit medical malpractice because their Diagnostic And Statistics Manual, the international standard for the classification of mental disorders, did contain a written provision allowing for international freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion means that an individual shall forever retain the right to argue with public-service entities (i.e. international churches, and corporate entities called Ministries for Her Majesty) about what they call "God" because "God" must be equally available or local laws couldn't be consistent.

At first a doctor, Anjana Chawla, claimed that Rene was love-obsessed with the Mormon treasurer, Natalie Yewchyn at the time.

Rene did need money, but this argument has never been about money first.

After a few weeks, the Anjana insisted that someone may try to hurt Rene because of his writings. Anjana Chawla insisted that Rene was of danger to myself and needed to stay locked into the hospital under her charge.

Rene told Anjana that she ought really transfer him unto another psychiatrist since she and he were engaged in a legal dispute which directly evidenced a breakdown in a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Anjana insisted that she is "expert in mind". Rene told her that they'd in all likelihood make a movie of this. She responded that she didn't want to play her part. The only thing upon which Rene and Anjana agreed was the fact their argument was over their personal concept of mind.

Anjana actually bribed Rene. Anjana suggested releasing Rene from all forced injections if Rene lowers a blog of defamatory writing. Rene was only writing about her, and the insanity he personally witnessed occurring in the mental ward of 3N at RVH under her charge

Real patients names and the real actions of patients, including also of Rene and his fiancée, having real sex on the locked-down ward, and being walked in on, directly affected her reputation, obviously.

It didn't take long for Anjana to ban all supportive visitors from visiting Rene. Luckily, letters fit just as easily under the door. Rene's fiancée accepted the letters and emailed their contents to the board of governors of RVH. Nurses were confused how Rene managed to feat, and Anjana was transferred away from RVH shortly after releasing Rene.

Rene heard all the complaints from all the patients in the ward. The public would not believe the actual and serious mental torture that is inflicted otherwise normal, healthy, individuals in the name of furthering the psychiatric premise of absolute authority over mind and mental processes.

Rene did try to complain to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario. The reply confirmed that a patient, once defamed with allegations of a mental disorder, does not longer have the normal decency to have a complaint fairly received. The College replied that it's acceptable for a psychiatrist to joke about stopping all forced injections three weeks after ordering a Community Treatment Order on 30 Oct 2012. The order was initially intended for at least one year.

Mind is eternal. Anjana failed to accept that fact in paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the belief that potions and pills can magically change someone's thinking. Fact of the world always changing establishes that always exists, and therein that we each share an eternal mind in the exact same way but according to our ability to demonstrate faith in that greater common sentience.

Anjana Chalwa demonstrated the unreality of believing that she herself was God without considering the necessary qualifier to be acknowledging first that the other person is equally God while the word "God" remains in dispute.

Anjana removed the right of Rene to refuse her medication illegally on 22 Oct 2012. She then had him forcibly injected on allegations that Rene was delusional about the Mormon treasurer. Anjana wanted to change thinking. She never considered that she was actually advocating FOR a delusional state, not only just her own, but that of the Mormon treasurer who was falsifying claims about Rene.

We all acknowledge that our mind thinks. Therefore, thinking occurs inside our mind. The question is, "What is mind?"

That is the exact same as asking, "Is mind contained in the brain, does our brain think? How is eternal life possible if our thinking must stop when our brain dies? Does our idea for heaven include the idea that we have to stop being able to think for ourselves?"

Our personal self-concept is called our Ego. We cannot escape our Ego. Rather, our ego is an integral part of our mind. Only when we stand back from our personal opinions about reality do we have hope of better understanding the common reality in which we actually exist. This requires being open-minded and willing to ask questions.

Psychiatry really doesn't put a lot of public thought into its actions when it forcibly medicates people for want to change their thinking onto some other limited concept of eternity.

Rene lost his teaching position at Georgian College while Rene was at RVH. Mac Greaves and Maryann Fifield called to tell Rene that he was suddenly not qualified to teach the course that he was in the middle of teaching. The College actually lied, since the new certification requirement didn't come into affect until after at least Rene's current course, since both Rene and his manager Patricia Whittington were closely in communication and monitoring the new certification requirement.

Rene completed a school bus licence after release from the mental ward. That shouldn't be nearly as funny as it sounds. A phone recording exists to Christine of Sinton Transportation in Barrie, linked in Story of Loo at . Christine heard Rene turn down the employment for want to continue his book, this one, to market a charity, talk2dream, to raise the money to build a school

Rene tried to go to police to fix the first problem, again in March 2013. The police didn't believe him. The police arrested Rene and put Rene in prison, again. The Canadian Criminal Code legal definition of the word "prison" is used. Prison is also jail.

From jail, Rene tried to talk to lawyers. Lawyers thought he was crazy and sent him back to new doctors. The new doctors believed the first two doctors and no one even considered that a single person could begin a global misunderstanding with a lie, nor that THAT can be used to benefit all.

Rene waited in jail for 16 months just for a trial. At the trial, he tried to tell the judge about the first two doctors and the woman who lied. Rene had actually been trying the entire time since the start on 2 March 2013, as court records should be able show.

At the June 2014 trial for case file C-13-205-SR, begun at Barrie on 2 March 2013, Rene presented the jury with email evidence. The emails show that two members from The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie, Minister Matthew Swain and Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn falsified statements to police!

Find copies of the 2 March 2013 witness statements in the Appendix of the dissertation.

The judge was Gregory Mulligan. He did not permit Rene to raise the issue of mental health, and by direct extension, medical malpractice having occurred at RVH.

The judge ignored the fact of perjury. The judge found Rene guilty of causing Natalie Yewchyn to fear for her safety by including Natalie in the list of church members to whom Rene had advertised for the charity talk2dream. A possible cause for the judicial decision may have been the prolonged time jail, or the double jeopardy that had occurred to permit the trial in the first place.

Normally, Rene should have faced 14 to 30 days in larger Toronto. There were a number of delays. At first crown prosecutor Kevin Sisk insisted Rene was not mentally well. Rene had to be properly assessed for the right to self-represent in court. That took 6 months.

Natalie Yewchyn was also married in the meantime. The next delay came when the court speculatively moved the trial date on grounds of the expected birth of a child from Natalie. In all, Rene sat in solitary confinement without the chance for bail or interim release for 16 months awaiting a trial that should not have been allowed to occur.

A police report dated 4 Sept 2012 lists the first arrest on 3 Sept 2012 as an arrest for the criminal offence of harassment to Natalie Yewchyn. The report is in the Appendix to the dissertation. There are numerous other false statements made in the report. However, the important part is the fact that police had already used the information from communications to Natalie from 5 Feb 2011 until 3 Sept 2012 for an arrest and subsequent incarceration.

That Rene did not receive a criminal trial to defend the allegations could not be considered at the trial for C-13-205-SR in June 2014 because Rene was not permitted to submit the 4 Sept 2012 report. Rene spent at least an hour arguing with the judge about it.

The police and prosecutors used the same facts to list the charge as an indictment. Only that way could Rene be kept in jail longer. The legal term for the causing someone to receive incarceration twice for the same facts is called a Double Jeopardy and is publicly against The Constitution Act of Canada. But legal theory and practice are two separate ideas in Canada, or this case would already be redressed.

The public does not realize how common it is for prosecutors to abuse the law in Canada, but which Rene also witnessed first hand in cases such as that of Ryan Hamelin, who was actually innocent of his first convictions but declared so dangerous that the prosecutors tried to have the court order him as a long term offender. Ryan was charged with the same offence as Rene, by Ryan's wife whom Ryan later discovered had also been cheating on him and using the law to remove Ryan from being able to gain custody over his two daughters.

Rene's last current court appearance in Canada for this greater matter was on 16 Oct 2015. Rene plead guilty to all outstanding charges to escape further injections from psychiatrists. The court gave Rene "time served", for being again far too long in jail. Another accident occurred to prevent Rene from release from CNCC until 19 Oct 2015. Rene thanks The Universe for that one.

On 19 Oct 2015, Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg finally agreed to submit the necessary paperwork to Canada to get Rene a permanent disability pension. Gunter had the ability all along, but was denying Rene because Rene was insisting for mental sanity and not the false premise begun over false testimony from the Mormons in 2012.

Rene's Mum bought Rene a plane ticket to Taiwan when the family doctor ordered that Rene should not be permitted to live with his Mum and son any longer, on grounds of serious mental disability. Rene received contracts for teaching positions in Taiwan before his arrival. And, for two years, Rene was well-liked as a teacher.

This story is now in Taiwan. In Taiwan, we have new problems. I'll continue in the first-person.

A school hired me. We agreed to work together. We agreed to support each other. I told them my story. They removed the criminal record check requirement from the contract before they hired me. They actually insisted on hiring me and were willing to pay any penalty I might have from leaving the recently renewed contract at my then current employer.

I found my former employer a teacher to replace me, and stayed long enough to make sure the carry over was smooth. I left without penalty as a result of proper communication and sincerely intent. The owner was Tony Wu, and he was actually quite patient with me while I mentally recovered from the shock of Canada. Don't get me wrong, this has been mentally trying. All in all, I think I'm ok though.

The new school was Kidsland Sesame Street. I met Ms. Clare Chiang, 江佩樺, for the first time on 18 April 2017. We met at her Sesame Street kindergarten school in Kaohsiung City. It was actually Denise Xu, 徐乙彤, who discussed the teaching proposal with me. I wasn't at all interested.

Denise offered me a sample contract. It had someone else's name on it. I didn't bother looking at it and didn't realize it was actually someone else's real contract until the second week of May.

A friend of mine owned a private Sesame Street school in Kaohsiung and wanted me to keep teaching at her school. She couldn't offer the hours that I needed for a resident card, so she came up with an idea to fan me out over a few schools for the necessary minimum number of hours. I'm not sure why I even met with Clare; I honestly think it was just out of politeness to my friend before declining the insane proposal of me commuting for hours each week just to keep a part-time under-the-table job at her school.

Somehow Denise and Clare got me to see the main branch of Sesame Street Kidsland in Tainan City. Actually, I recall specifically emailing Denise for general information about the contracting organization including number of employees, students, and potential public reach. My intent, if I was to move, was to continue to market the book that I'd started in 2012. Here's an email confirming that:

Denise sent me the information:
To answer your questions as follows :
1. How many employees : 330 employees.
2. Schools : 13 branches 1 in Kaohsiung 12 in Tainan.
3. Students : Around 2500 students in total.

I think my absolute favourite question was "Please let me know what we can offer?"

We were a good team. They knew that I need to advertise my story to fix my criminal record. And we got along exceptionally well. At the 4 May 2018 mediation, I had only good things to say about Kidsland:

I still have only good things to say about Kidsland, except that their managers are distinctly now acting rather severely mentally ill.

The school decided that it would be bad if parents learned that I was in jail. The school was suddenly afraid that they would lose money! There ensuing actions are legally called defrauding the public.

The school threatened to fire me if parents found out. But they also told me that I did nothing wrong in Canada, and that's why they hired me. Then parents found out.

On 22 Jan 2018 I was told not to come to work. I wasn't allowed to return to take stock of my belongings left in good faith that I would still have a job on Monday, after helping them on Saturday. See teaching performance video posted in a past update at
There is another link in that update, should the petition page not directly link the file well.

I tried to mediate with the school. School managers lied at mediation. Clare Chiang, vice president of Kidsland Sesame Street in Tainan, Taiwan said that she fired me because I didn't give a criminal record.

Reader, please excuse my past error of having called Kidsland a 12-branch chain of private schools; I realized in copying the older emailed information from Denise that it actually has 13.

The school authorized removing the national Taiwan requirement to submit a criminal record check from our contract. The requirement was removed, and then we signed on 26 May 2017. See the emailed confirmation before signing:

So how Kidsland fire me for not having submitted a criminal record check? Well, not legally. They can ask me not to teach, but they can't actually stop paying me. And they liked me so much to offer me a higher salary than other teachers (60,000--about 2,000 USD--instead of 50,000 monthly), better working hours (12:30-6:30 pm instead of 1:30-7:30 or 2-8), a two-year contract instead of the normal 1 year, and pay for any extra teaching I did during my office hours, which raised serious eyebrows of other teachers when I started collecting the hours to use as paid days off.

To quote one teacher, "You have a pretty sweet contract." Actually, my life is a serious of "sweet" arrangements that occur because I refuse to put up with the same nonsense that others do. And, because I am a teacher, I am directly encouraging every reader to do the very same in any environment. Always strive to work together for equitable and real gain, that is clearly explainable and not something airy that people think could happen. If it can happen, you can know how.

Legal Aide in Taiwan provided a lawyer to help with that case.

Unfortunately, the government of Taiwan permitted Clare to charge me with writing libel against her. I was seriously only trying to warn her that the plainly obvious outcome of any courtroom argument between us could, and very likely should, result in negative publicity to her or the school.

For statements such as the above, Denise claimed that I was threatening either the school, or some, or all, of its staff. It's really just a matter of perspective.

We have choice to look at the same goal, or choice to see opposing goals. Seeing opposing goals has to result in a face-to-face confrontation with someone as arguably crazy as I am, because I am arguing for a limitless state that is only noticeable when the extremes are viewed from the same one perspective.

It's a bit like acknowledging that we're all swimming around like fish with eyes focused on what we think are two separate sides of one body swimming wholey in a direction other than either of the one we think we're looking at. Hopefully that helps explain why the symbol for Christianity is a fish.

I'm not sure why, but police in Taiwan have taken the side of Clare. Actually, I do know why. The police is a body comprised of many people, and many people literally have many minds. It's not at all constructive to think with many minds. So what I really need is to get a message to whoever is driving the Taiwan boat to let them know that the police in Tainan City really need to get their stories straight on this one or risk becoming as infamous as the 10-crowned red beast called Canada.

You see, Taiwan is an island-country off the coast of China. Taiwan was first aboriginal (Hakka), then occupied by the Japanese, then, somehow, Chinese people came, or came back since it has a much older history. Taiwan is actually one of the last above-sea remnants of ancient Lemuria, which existed before the continent of Atlantis. It's pretty cool to see ancient coral fossils thousands of feet above sea level.

Taiwan desires independence from China.

Officially, the Chinese administration fled to Taiwan from the mainland sometime after changing the legal classification of China. A change in the way they record the annual number also occurred, 107 years ago since it is officially Year 107 in Taiwan and China. That part is a bit tedious, to always need to match up with the more international counting of 2018, the current year, but, then, remember that China abhors religion and should rightly, therefore, protest anything to do with an ongoing reminder of the last guy that gave his life in the service of all that for which humanity stands.

Jesus was killed for advocating for "One World" the way China currently does "One China". Taiwan claims China is bullying Taiwan. China asked the airlines to change listings for Taiwan to "Taiwan, China". There's a joke there. You see, Taiwan is actually, technically, the correct seat for the government of the whole of the mainland of China. Accordingly, an argument exists to restore that seat to the current Taiwanese government, and that's an international political nightmare. An equitable compromise might be to allow Taiwan to become an independent nation fully supported in and for The United Nations, but that can't happen while Taiwan prosecutors are attempting to convict me of a crime for politely trying to warn a school that this story is literally limitless.

So I started advertising The Choice to Taiwan. This actually began back in February 2018 after I experienced the start of that earthquake in Hualien. Hualien means "Lotus City" and is literally home to the headquarters of Temple Of God in Taiwan.

This link is to the exact file from 8 Feb 2018 that was (and currently still is) available at the short name while I had written across countless paper currency in Taiwan and given away on 13 Feb 2018 with the heading "The Magic Show Of 2018" to bait the news:

Set TV responded, and the video is linked in the preview box for the 12 July 2018 petition update at:

Taiwan is offered the choice, officially, at:

Taiwan police have acknowledged receiving that petition update.

Taiwan can partner with me and we can, more or less from any international "war on terror" perspective actually legally just sort of, in time, argue for full control of The World Bank (in the end), or, well, Taiwan prosecutors can argue with me about the legal definition of "mind" that psychiatrists are currently using in THEIR courts, but which is actually an illegal definition.

It's a bit of a pickle, really.

Legal Aide heard me explain that on 29 May 2018. Legal Aide said there would probably be many charges for this case. Legal Aide was kind and gave me a lawyer to help get 1.5 years of salary (1,080,000 NT$). But Legal Aide didn't give me a lawyer to help fix the main problem.

On 4 July 2018, I returned to Legal Aide to request help with ongoing slander against me.

The current legal definition for slander is found in Article 310 of The Criminal Code Of The Republic Of China (my elementary school teacher taught me to capitalize ALL words of a title, and I agree that it makes differentiating a proper title from a title-used-as-adjective much easier):
"A person who points out or disseminates a fact which will injure the reputation of another for purpose that it be communicated to the public commits the offense of slander"

Clare is arguably slandering me by permitting parents to think that I am mentally ill, and therefore be unwilling to help me correct the massive injustices having occurred to me in Canada. Actually, Clare is literally committing slander against me according to the legal definition of the laws of her own country. Article 4 settles any remaining doubt because it incriminates every other person who refuses to talk sense into Clare that Clare should really be helping me advertise FOR worldwide peace, and not delay it:
"Where either the CONDUCT or THE RESULT of an offense.... shall be considered an offense...."

Legal Aide is an organization of lawyers in Taiwan. Think about this. Legal Aide, as a mental legal structure, has an associated underlying unconscious culture cluster that determines whether its officials will be inspired to support, or to deny, the plea of any foreign individual for help.

I asked Legal Aide for help on 4 July 2018. The linked letter is their reply:

It's in Chinese. My wife, married Halloween 2017 after a 5.5-year engagement (she's had her doubts) summarized the letter as follows:
This is the paper from Tainan Legal Aide explaining why denied you a lawyer to help you with your allegation that Kidsland is slandering you. It explains that it is a fact that you were in jail for 3 years and during the time the doctor diagnosed treatment. It says you are mentally ill because a doctor prescribed treatment. The letter claims that it is not right to say that Clare is slandering you. It also says that Clare cannot control what parents talk about in the Line group that Kidsland arranged for teachers to discuss with parents the issues that are happening at Kidsland.

Really. That was the "legal" reply from a bunch of lawyers who passed some sort of bar, or standard, to practice law?

Let's review Article 310 of The Criminal Code Of The Republic Of China, the last paragraph:
"A person who can prove the truth of the defamatory fact shall not be punished for the offence of defamation UNLESS the fact concerns private life and is of no public concern."

Ok, let's review. Clare phoned Lindsay on 21 Jan 2018. She told Lindsay that one parent of the Line group was a doctor and that the doctor believed that I am mentally ill?

Manager Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜) or Denise had also told me in writing what had happened. One doctor in the LINE group believed that I am suffering from a mental illness. The doctor shared the opinion, and that isn't slander because a doctor in Canada treated me for the allegation of being mentally ill because I am still trying to correct false facts that were spread about me to cause the allegation of illness in the first place?

Kidsland Sesame Street, legally, should have allowed me at least the opportunity to challenge the doctor on the current idea for illness since a person is permitted recover from an illness and therefore not longer be with that illness also, yes?

That question is irrespective of whether or not I am actually ill for believing that we really can all work together to end our ongoing misunderstandings about the same destructive concepts separately considering "Allah" and "God" the kingpins of modern terror.

And Taiwan Legal Aide thinks they will be able to somehow withstand public scrutiny of that logic?

Remember, the keyword is "UNLESS" in Article 310. That means, it doesn't even matter if I am mentally ill because my own mental health is a private concern. It has to stay a private concern because there exists the whole Criminal Court process to take absolute care of any public concerns regarding possible threat to public safety or public benefit. Therefore, it's slander all the way around AND a doctor is now on the hook for medical malpractice in Taiwan since he didn't officially give me an examine.

I have no idea what that doctor's name is. I never met him in the context of a doctor-client relationship, and certainly wasn't ever told that anything close to even the need or question of my own mental health was being raised at the school. If it was a public concern, I would at least have received notice of an evaluation, yes?

I'll pursue Legal Aide in mediation for the transcripts of C-13-205-SR. I've given warning on 13 July 2018. They have a weekend to think about it:

The problem is that people think I am mentally disabled. Some people think that it's OK to say that I am mentally disabled because doctors in Canada said it. In truth, the doctors in Canada believed a woman who lied.

The first psychiatrist was Liqat Ali. He tried to tell me that I said I was God, but... I didn't really say anything and was only accused of sending a church harmless marketing email that can be re-read to see for a fact that I didn't claim to be God! So he ended up transferring my care to Anjana Chawla because he really wasn't getting anywhere arguing with me.

Anjana and Liqat didn't listen to me, and they didn't let me show that the treasurer of The Mormon Community Of Christ, now called Natalie Kelloway at, is actually suffering from the delusion wherein she must truly believe that what she is remembering is correct, despite her inability to remember anything she'd forgotten.

Natalie has forgotten almost every detail from 5 Feb 2011 until my first arrest on 3 Sept 2012, including even New Year's 2012 where she gloated over a planned hook-up while dancing with me. Turns out she's not much into orgies? She appears completely proper but is totally psychotic because her delusion about me has lasted for as long as it has.

There is a longer story of the time from 5 Feb 2011 until 3 Sept 2012 included in the dissertation.

The summary is simple:
One doctor supported another doctor, and now there are a whole lot of doctors all saying the same thing, but everything they are saying is not true because it is founded on a woman who forgot certain key details, like, inviting me to a spa date as late as 28 March 2013, and emailing me to ask if I'd give her a lift to the location which was an hour's drive away, only to find me turning her down... because I'm supposed to be love-obsessed about her?

The court transcripts for C-13-205-SR reveal so much more information. The current argument with Legal Aide in Taiwan is their need to cover the cost of the trial transcripts for me. Or, we can just work together and begin the colossal task of collapsing this argument. If Sesame Street Kidsland changes its tune and joins the parade, it'll only make the resulting final global end to worldwide arguments about the three-letter word "God" happen so much sooner.

Why delay a political worldwide victory over organizations willing to ignite bombs, and blow up real people, in the name of some eternal entity that is supposed to exist limitlessly with all, always equally, always shared, never harmfully?

The judge for C-13-205-SR at Barrie knew that I was writing about book about mind, because the statement was in the very disclosure material for the case. "Mind Demonstrated For Science" was the name of a blog post included with several others in the disclosure material for the arrest of 2 March 2013.

Recall that I intentionally instigated the arrest to try to correct the injustice of having been accused of a criminal allegation, forcibly injected for it, and then not permitted to defend even the idea that someone would have had to have lied about me to get me to where I am currently right now, to spite all other information and facts that I am willingly trying still to provide the Canadian officials who could redress this matter overnight!

It is slander against me to say that I am mentally ill. It is slander because no doctor in Canada did a legitimate assessment of me. I've read the books. I am allowed to believe that I can help people to work together to end worldwide arguments about God, or the legal conversion of the concept into the undefined legal term "mind", that causing "mental disorders". Unfortunately, it does follow that people may think I am claiming to be God, and that is precisely the misunderstanding.

No clarivoient can mentally see past their own self-concept, and true geniis are the genius visionaries who accept, like Einstein and Schroedinger, both winner of The Nobel Prize for Physics, that there exists, ultimately, but one mind in the universe. It is my written desire to win The Nobel Peace Prize for work that is easily not different than anything Einstein would have produced.

In fact, I can tell you right here that Einstein's Theory Of Relativity was his attempt at trying to understand whether or not Newton was correct when Newton asserted "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form". Newton was either incorrect, or Einstein's E=mc^2 and Newton's "E" are two very different concepts. Eternity must be everywhere the same. That same, to be able to generate even the concept of an infinitely changing state, must be able to forever INCREASE energy to that state to allow for every possible future to exist within the larger construct we'll need to consider fluid time, since time isn't actually linear at all (our memory attests to that, because memory is the ability to bridge two points in time for the purpose of affecting a more desirable outcome).

I'm just a guy just Jesus who had a normal natural birth, just like Jesus who's quoted as having told people, over and over again, that he is "son of man". People can believe that a "son of man" is somehow not produced from a man's sperm that is joined with the egg of a woman's body, but the rest of normal society should accept that those people are somehow worshipers of alien technology and slavery.

The fact that Jesus was not born of a virgin (anything is possible with God, except a special birth for a guy who's purpose before birth was to come to teach others that anyone can and should strive to share his mindset because he knows the mind is eternal) makes me a best friend to political China if Taiwan chooses NOT to side with me. Mormon Community Of Christ minister Matthew Swain already claimed that I am not Christian in his 2 March 2013 testimony, copied into the appendix of my dissertation for worldwide peace.

I'm OK with restructuring the face of Christianity because I'm all about clearing up misunderstandings about our shared eternal state. Incidentally, Einstein's E=mc^2 isn't quite right either. The equation requires that light has mass and a definite speed for that mass, but speed is itself a propagation affected by mass, and mass is created from degrees that are not ever going to be perceivable to any body, physical or mental. Light is actually symbolic, but we perceive it as real. It is a collective fundamental belief that we require light for visual perception, and that directly affects the way we think of what we see and call "light".

The whole of The Theory Of Relativity actually breaks down as the concept for infinite is escaped, by willing understanding exchange, for the truer concept that an eternal reality really does exist in a real-time way throughout every part of this universe of time and space, and every other. Point in fact, Einstein's E=mc^2 wasn't just pulled out of a hat. It is a refined approximation of the sticky physically-slower kinetic energy equation E=(1/2)mv^2, magically dropping the (1/2). That's all.

Have you any idea the breadth to which pure logic can be applied? Allow me to share a parable to help you understand what true sight is like, "Ontario Crown prosecutor Kathryn Hull says to the bewitching psychiatrist Anjana Chawla, 'You forcibly injected him to help his mind explode. Now we're left picking up the pieces and you think we're not going to have you try to explain to us how this all is even possible?"

Find "A Confidential Conversation" in the Appendix of The Dissertation linked above and below. The conversation occurred on 26 Oct 2012 between Rene Helmerichs and psychiatrist Anjana Chawla in the lock-down area of 3C inside RVH at Barrie. RVH, by the way, is a very large hospital on any international scale of hospitals. And psychiatry is merely the current expression of the biblical Tower Of Babble. It professes to babble people into submission.

A church can't call the police because it goes against the bible, so people from the church started using a woman as an excuse. The Barrie police then helped the church. They told the doctors that I was making bombs in the basement of my mother's house. Really! See that 4 Sept 2012 report in the Appendix to the dissertation. This whole story is crazy, but it does not follow that its author is insane.

If a woman commits perjury, and the church supports the woman, the police support the church, and the doctors support the police, and the lawyers support the doctors, and the judges worship the doctors, how does that make anything correct?

This story is so big, it is insane. I started this story to write a book to market a charity to build a school. A good teacher who understands life can do that. If I really want to do that, does it make sense that I would make bombs in my mother's house? Don't you think my mother would know if I was making bombs there?

People are lying because they are confused about, or in, their own reality. And more people are helping the people that are lying despite the fact that I am able to offer all necessary evidence and explanations to clarify the massive confusion.

Right now, I have a problem with a school. The school is allowing parents to think that I am mentally ill. The school is allowing parents to believe that I am mentally ill because the school says that doctors said that in Canada. Since the school is using the evidence from doctors in Canada, either help me correct the mistakes that Canada made about me, or let me charge the school with slandering me because I can show you exactly that this whole mess started with a single lie.

Either we work together to advertise this case and help correct the injustice (the original lie), or you help the lie grow. It is impossible that things don't change, so, can we please work together to fix the lie and not let it grow?

It IS directly slander against me to allow a school to use falsified facts an excuse. Unlike math, two wrongs don't make a right in the eternal state called mind. It only makes a bigger legal can of worms.

Back to the 8 Feb 2012 letter Open Letter To Taiwan for The Magic Show Of 2018. I now have at least one news company in Taiwan formerly on the hook too. How long until I have a slew of others? Set TV slandered 15 Feb 2018 on the 6 o'clock news in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which is actually fraud since the agreement was for me to give away money (lots!) to advertise this story and which they did NOT (yet) do but still have the choice to do with my agreement that their coverage is sufficient:

We're either working together for a truly sustainable future, which at this point includes acknowledging that Canada has seriously made some errors that cannot be corrected except with a signed peace treaty. How is this NOT real news? Consider the headline:
"Surprise miracle man presents plan to Taiwan to legally take over the world unless The United Nations permits Taiwan to be considered its own legal entity on equal footing to mainland China, and distinctly separate from One China in the same way that Japan and Tibet are equally separate entities from Antarctica."

Find MORE with dates and links and court transcripts and voice recordings at .

Find the second printed draft of the dissertation as a (.pdf) document with transcripts included in the Appendix, and linked within, but included in the actual file, at:

Rene even managed to ask a psychiatrist why Rene was not permitted to have his statements recorded. Rene desired the ability to verify that psychiatrists are intentionally twisting statements and hiding facts. The answer from Mr. James Karagianis on the record of 3 July 2015 was that he is afraid Rene will post the psychiatric statements onto the internet.

The court-deemed "expert", representing the field of psychiatry in court, clearly misunderstood since Rene was not at all interested in recording what the psychiatrist has to say. The psychiatrist provides enough written summaries with statements, and it is precisely those "summaries" that Rene would like the ability to disprove! See the appendix at for the court transcript.

If a single assertion in the dissertation for worldwide peace is false, Rene would be in a LOT of trouble. Rene is still free. He wonders how much longer until politicians in Canada to realize they will seriously need to provide Rene with the start-up funding for that school to certify international teachers of A Course In Miracles.

See picture at for my contact address:

This page is posted to:

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If any reader wants to partner, or has suggestions to share to better the global spread of common sense, find my LINE app in this document as a (.pdf) at:


Rene Helmerichs
( Chinese: Be Rene)
Friday, 13 July 2018

Post scripts (Post Posts):

Flatland (5:46 video) is a great eye-opener for how mind is truly to what we think of our brain:

Think of electricity like our thinking... and the cpu of a computer like our brain. A cpu can't function without electricity, and the electricity guides what we believe is thought. Thought does not originate in our brain. To understand how thinking and electricity can actually really be the same, consider:

A blog post to try to help people understand how Rene's thinking, and mind, works in a real-time way is included for psychiatric review. The post represents a 24-hour period of thoughtful production for this larger argument:

Find a current working draft of The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace with links in the Appendix to all necessary evidence demonstrating Canada to be wilfully condoning injustices in the name of psychiatry, and the right of psychiatrists to act like Gods for courts of law (and I wish that were an over-statement) at:

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